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Struggling to Work Again

Just needed a place to rant and not feel so alone.
I’ve started working again after 5 years of being a home-body due to my pain and brainfog. 13 hours a week working for a seamstress. It’s not hard work, easy tasks, and my boss is trying to be as understanding as one can be without a chronic condition herself. I need to work so that I can save for a house of my own. I went in with the mentality that I can do it and push through my pain. Well… that’s not the reality and as hard as I try its all seeming too much. I am so mentally drained from having to cancel my own wedding and now physically i’m at my breaking point. I’m starting to wonder if I’m destined to just be a housewife forever, as much as I’ve hated it.
I’ve tried talking to my partner and family about this but they just can’t understand anything that i’m going through in regards to work.
Feeling so disappointed in myself and life right now.

Hi Rose do not feel disappointed in yourself you are doing your best in your attempt to work again not you fault if it is too much for you is there not any work you could do from your own home then you could make your own hours for working I am sorry you had to cancel your wedding this virus is not helping any of us and making us all look at our lives more deeply but you hang in there there has got to be better times coming for us all come on anytime and chat I am always around . Annette Moderator

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Hi, Rosellas.
It is not surprising that “normal” folks (even family!) don’t understand our limits. That is one reason I joined this community - to have people to discuss these issues with, that really do “get it.”
Sending hugs & prayers your way, with hopes that your body will allow you to complete your weekly tasks.


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Setting smaller goals often needs to be looked into. Owning more and more only means, they own us.