Think I have finally figured out what stress means.



R-ripping of




Seems the more I get stressed the more I feel the pain from every angle. Could be having an ok day then get a call or argument then it's all down hill from there.

Lol yes you’ve hit the nail on the head. In more ways than one!

Totally agree with you, CD! I was all set to spend another few hours on paperwork when I get a phone call from my nurse stating I need to call the mail order pharmacy before they can process one of my sleep meds, lunesta. It was to let me know a 3 month supply would cost me with insurance $250!!! Went up from $68 with the previous mail order company, then insurance company switched to the worst one ever where it went up to $100. A high price to pay for sleep! And then came the STRESS. I can barely function and need to drive. Just thinking about it makes me cry - the bad thing is we have no way to escape it! Any ideas would be great. (CD - great post - just when I needed it. Sure we’re not alone) hugs ~ Sandi :slight_smile:

I hear you FRANCE, it's the most destructive thing to anyone, but especially for those of us who are ill! Hope it settles soon!

CDF26, you are exactly right !!!

Stress feels just as you described …
We all need to de-stress as much as we can in any way we can :slight_smile:
For me it’s a trip to the barn, a walk on the beach , watching the sun set

dee B

Hi my names Jeannie I suffer stress when I am in a lot of pain I am a retired RN and had this for20+ yrs you learn to live with it by making comprimises. When the pain is at 10 out of 10 use Prednisolone it is a steroid with nasty long term use contraindications then when the pajn subsides slowly wean myself of the prednisolone. I start at 100m then slowly wean myself off it works when nothing else does and it is not narcotic but you should be supervised by a doctor and why does it work it works because Prednisolone is the strongest anti-inflammatory there is, but it work when pain killers have stopped

Or you have to live with paperwork and scrutiny you go through bring on morphine I hate all the drama but ev;e got such a poor quality of life I will I just can' t stand the pain I went without drugs for 8 years did just what the doctors said amd it nearly killed me literaly. Whatever way you want to go I am with you sister but I would make sure you got a fibro friendly GP is most important you don't want him telling the refering doctor that it is all in your head where your in pain and by pe ople always doubting her and telling here she's depressed which anyone would be who tells people shes in terrible paln and nobody evens listens that's why you get depressed they rarher say your crazy then in pain luv Hugk Jesnnie

Thanks for all the replies and just letting me know not crazy over this STRESS!! Hope all kinds find outlets to release their stress. Just tried a hot stone massage and it worked great best was no cell phones allowed ;)!