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Strep throat connection

Yes, I had strep throat multiple times but not since age 30 and now 61. I had pleurisy twice, last one 10 yrs ago. Fibro symptoms started 5 yrs ago. Interesting connection??

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Thank you Liza, and yes; I am more and more convinced of these connections.

I did not get strep throat as a child but got a very bad case of it before I had symptoms. However, I was eventually diagnosed with CFS. After a second bad bout of strep 10 years later, my symptoms increased and I was diagnosed with FM. No pleurisy. Female.

Thank you Candy. I wish you good health!

Yes I have had strep throughout my life as well as pleurisy several times. I have also had a multitude of other issues including mono right out of high school and again in my late twenties. Then at least two to four weeks every year of some undiagnosed illness that usually ends up with me in the emergency room dehydrated and sometimes malnourished. Last time was just 6 weeks ago. This has occurred since I was a small child and was and is always attributed to being a virus of some sort. Also have the allergy sinus issue with foods and environmental issues like dust and mold.
I also have a cousin with FM and a multitude of other things who has an even more serious connection to these things than I do! She has had strep and pleurisy multiple times as well as pneumonia. She hasn’t been able to breath from asthma since she was a child. She has been on antibiotics for decades (like 35 years!) and is now also on statins for a heart attack she suffered last Fall!
We are both female. I am 54 and she is 55.

Hi! I had strep several times as a child. I had pleurisy once as a child. I’m a female. What have you learned about your discoveries and how will this information help you?

Wow, deb5, you’ve certainly been through the ringer… I thank you so much for sharing this information. I am thoroughly convinced of the strep/pleurisy link and hope to do what I can to demand new research.

I wish you good days and good health… your cousin as well!

Thank you! To you as well! I have also been wondering about a physioimmunology connection as so many have had some sort of major or multiple emotional stressors prior to diagnosis coupled with the strep/pleurisy illness. Any thoughts? All my best thoughts to you and yours and good luck!

I had strep throat at 30, diagnosed with fibro at 31 ( I had other issues like endometriosis, which is considered a sister disease to fibro… Meaning a large percentage of women with Endo end up with fibro).
Never had pleurisy.
Female. 42

Thanks, Nannyfor3 for sharing this info.

I wish you a peaceful pain free day🙂

No to your two questions. female. 75 and had fibro 40 years. diagnosed right away.
Add this to your research…went back to college at age 35 and there was an outbreak of red measles. We had to have doctor note that we got the vaccine before we could re-enter class. I got the shot, was sick 3 days, and 4 months later had fibro. Dr. diagnosed me before they ever invented the 11 trigger points. I KNOW the vaccine gave me the disease. I have never had any childhood disease and have never had a flu shot. Good luck with your study.

I’ve had strep throat too many times to count. No pleurisy. Female. 55.

Carolyn thank you so much for this information.

All the best to you!

I am a 73 year old male who had Scarlet Fever in 1955. In those days there was no medication and the house was quarantined. So you just sweated it out.

you should look into epigenetics I believe I have had fibro since birth and I know my daughter was born with it as I had preeclampsia and close to a stroke, I think after all I’ve studied in last 8 years since my diagnosis (after 30 yrs of complaining to drs) it has a connection to HSV and definitely its an inflammatory connection as after my total hysterectomy for endometriosis I started having so many flares and needed to take hormones now its my thyroid (hashimoto) I’ve had strep more times then I can count, sinus infections& surgery , seen every specialist, taken every drug made so my next course will be a dna test then to an epenigentist to read it and put me on a path to heal. good luck to you all :four_leaf_clover:

I’m a female, my age is 61. I had strep throat a lot as a child and young teen, with high fevers. My pediatrician always told my mother that the next time I get strep throat he would remove my tonsils. And the next time I had strep he would say the same thing. Needless to say, I never had my tonsils removed. The last time I had strep was in my 20’s and I had it really bad.
Good luck with your research!

Hi @N8trluvr! While there is a connection between fibromyalgia and any of a number of stressors (look here) it seems as though strep in particular would not be a cause. If strep throat were a cause of fibromyalgia as opposed to a trigger, wouldn’t fibromyalgia typically occur earlier in life? There may well be an association for some, and it may be the stress on the body that ultimately triggered fibromyalgia, but it doesn’t cause fms.


Thanks Lori4, for sharing that info. I’m more and more convinced of the strep connection!

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Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with fm (2/19), I‘ve not had strep, but one really bad sore throat after another. I have one really bad one right now. I went to urgent care over the weekend, thinking for sure it was strep, but it’s not. I’ve never had this many bad sore throats!!

Wow… I’m sorry to hear it.

Thank you for weighing in on this topic, and I wish you better health and an end to the sore throats!!