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Strange Lady Pain

When i go braless at home, i have a very
uncomfortable sensation on the bottom side of breast feels like my boob is super heavy! I have to support it with my arm or a pillow to help relieve it. And my boobs are just medium sized. Anyone else have this? Anything else I can do to help it?
Thanks in advance.

I would strongly suggest you get a mammogram done.

I’m a bit on the large size there, and yes, I do the same thing you’re doing. It hurts to much to wear a bra; the straps feel like they are cutting into me, especially from the undercarriage. It is actually the ribcage on my left side where I fractured a rib that is located right were that bra is underneath. I found that I have to wear either a snug tank top or compression top. Something with smooth fabric from top to bottom so the material don’t hurt me. It may give you an appearance of being flatter, but what means more to you, looks or relief from the pain of wearing a bra.