Stopping back in finally!

I don’t want to bore everyone with the happenings here but I am finally getting back here to see how everyone is doing. I hope all are staying safe with the fires, virus and everything.

Hello nice to see you back hope things have not been too hectic for you and you are keeping well area where I live in Scotland has been put into lockdown again wish could see an end to it all. Take care. Annette. Moderator.

Hello, strugglinginKs!
We have missed you! Please let us know how you have been, when you have a moment. :purple_heart:

Not much has changed with me really - life is upside down and inside out - but trying to keep safe. Trying to keep an income coming in - I’ve been doing some resale online of vintage, antique and collectible items. Sometimes it does well, right now it has slowed down. Lately, I have been making some fudge and selling it as well.

As far as the pain levels and all, nothing much has changed. I’ve hopped back on the winter weather roller coaster - which we all know can be quite the ride. LOL

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Mmmmmmmmmmm - I LOVE FUDGE! :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: Just one of my (many) weaknesses!
“upside down & inside out!” - A very good way to describe life with FMS, Struggling! I love “vintage” things! I hope this work picks back up for you soon!
Yes - winter is, indeed, quite the ride, with FMS :roller_coaster:
Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad you are a part of our community! :blush: Wishing you better days ahead, sweet lady!