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STD now being refered to LTD I am frightened


I talked to my STD case manager today and let him know that due to my current prognoses I would not be able to return to work at this time. He asked if I had a return to work expectation date of which I do not. He then tells me that he will be referring my case to a long term disability case manager and they will be getting in contact with me. My STD runs out in Aug. I am so afraid... I do not know what to expect at this point. I do have an appointment with a disability lawyer tomorrow... not sure what will come from that... This is a major change in my life... but I am tired.... tired of trying to get myself back to work ... Every effort had proved useless. I am tired of Dr.s and physical therapy and all the meds and issues that just keep coming.


Oh Belinda I am so sorry to here of your difficulties. I think lots of people on here will have gone through the same, and will be able to reassure you. I have gone through the same thing in Uk, and it was certainly a change for the better. So you just never know. Good luck.

take care, Anne


Thank You Anne... I am now thinking that trip to the psychologist may be in order... As if I was not trembling enough... now I am REALLY trembling. Anxiety shot through the roof. My life has always been revolving around my work...Now I am in a place of uncertainty.

I cannot believe where this Journey has taken me in a year. I started off relieved and assured that I was going to be just fine. Now I find myself at the point where I can no longer do my job. and I am not getting better a slow downward spiral...I had a positive outlook and that has turned into a negative attitude....I just see all I worked hard to achieve being taken from me.

Oh well CHIN UP... I will enter this new chapter of this Fibro Journey with my head held up. I put up a good fight. Now time for a new fight. I do hope I make it through all this with some of my sanity left!!!!


Belinda, not to quote platitudes, but I really like this one, so here goes… :wink: When one door closes another opens. I am gonna choose to hope that the door opens and you win in the end. You have had a difficult struggle.


My Rheumy, who is a tough-as-nails Russian, feels it is a manageable condition. I just retired and gave up the thought that I could get a disability supplement since she obviously wasn't going to help. I hope you have better luck, though!