Starting Medication

I’ve tried every non-medication therapy I can to treat my main fibro symptoms: pain, fatigue and extreme brain fog. I explained to my doctor that I get so tired i just have to sit down randomly in a store and I just want to go home and sleep all the time. I’ll be driving and forget what I’m doing and run red lights. I’m a student at a university and no matter how much I study my grades keep slipping due to confusion and not being able to concentrate. My doctor prescribed me Amitriptyline yesterday, and the main side effect is drowsiness. I’m still not understanding why he would prescribe this when I already have chronic fatigue and a normal sleep schedule. I would love to hear other’s experiences with Amitriptyline. He also told me I have to start exercising, I used to be a dancer but the training got so hard for me and made me flare, and I feel the same with any other exercise. I’ve heard yoga and stretching are good exercises but I’m just so tired all the time I can’t bring myself to do it. I guess I’m just looking for advice and reassurance. Anything helps!


I think that amitriptyline is a med that is used for a lot of different purposes. Why not use our search widget (magnifying glass) and see what others have said?

This is a very old drug, very well studied and generally considered safe. I did have drowsiness and a dry mouth when I started, but those side effects went away, and amitriptyline did do me a lot of good.

Worth a try, I think!


I did search and all the results were a little old, I just wanted some new perspective on my situation. Thank you so much for the feedback!

I have been on Amitriptyline for 4 or 5 yrs. It was 'scripted for
my migraines, insomnia & antidepressant. I suggest you don’t start taking them until Friday night, it will knock you on your fanny. I take it at 8P & by 10P I am out. I am Guessing that the MD “thinks” that if you get enough sleep then you won’t be drowsy during the day. Love, Light & Peace.

Normal sleep schedule may not mean quality sleep. It’s a good antidepressants and it also helps adjust the neurotransmitters which are important for pain relief. That is why many antidepressants are prescribed for pain patients. Cymbalta, for example, works for my pain.

Elavil worked for me, but did make me very sleepy. I was groggy the next day or two, then had to stop it due to an allergic reaction.

Try a dose on Friday nights like the other poster said and see how you do.

Once you’re over the initial “break in” period. :wink: Something else you can do is talk to your pharmacist. I’ve found a lot of times my pharmacist knows more about the drug details than the doc does.

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My doctor had me try Amitriptyline for sleep. The thought behind it was that if I had better quality sleep, then I would be able to deal better w/ my symptoms. Chronic fatigue, widespread pain, anxiety, depression…
Unfortunately, I’d wake up 3 hrs after taking it w/ horrible restless legs. I’d have to get up & walk around to alleviate the pain… thus, no sleep. (Has anyone else had this reaction to Amitriptyline? )

I’ve been on it for a few days now and it hasn’t helped with the pain yet but that’s as expected, the doctor told me it would take a few weeks to kick in. I have noticed that when i take it I sleep for almost twelve hours every night, I started taking the afternoon shift at work because i couldn’t get up in the mornings. I also wake up with the worst headache! I’ve just always been so against meds because it seems like the side effects outweigh the benefits.

Hi. I’m sorry you have fibro while you’re trying to go to college. Amitriptyline helped me a very little at
10mg but I put on 40 lbs. Other things helped me more like lyrica. Yoga and stretching would be good.
If you can find a fibro support group, they may have a list of dr s. who have more up to date treatments. Maybe you can use a scooter if you have to walk very far anywhere, I do to save energy.

Did they check your vit d levels? I was always sleepy when mine was low, and foggy headed and the fibro pain was so much worse…

Maybe research corvalen m …it helped me with energy levels . I did pretty well on it until my vit d crashed.
The corvalen m brand is pricey, but you can find off lable brands that work…

So the amitriptyline was making me SO SO tired like i couldn’t function i just slept all day. My doctor did some tests and gave me a definite clinical diagnosis of both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which makes so much sense for my situation. I’m now on 10mg Amitriptyline for fibro pain and 27mg Methylphenidate for fatigue and lack of concentration. I am very very scared i’m going to gain weight, i eat healthy and exercise a ton but i’m already 145 lbs and gaining more is not something i wasn’t to do.

I tried Amitriptyline for about 2-3months. It made me a zombie. I had to eat lollies and drink coffee to stay awake. I hated the effect it had on me, even though my pain reduced slightly. In the end I chose to get off the medication and change more of my lifestyle to rest more and reduce pain in other ways.

I was also advised to exercise but everything I tried resulted in more pain, so my physio eventually told me to just stick to stretching and walking and nothing else. I sometimes do a couple of yoga poses that feel really nice like childs pose, but I don’t push myself at all to do anything my body isn’t up to.

My advice would be to listen to your body and if it feels like resting, just rest. If you feel stiff and need to move, go for a light walk.

Studying is tough,I would sometimes cry in the car driving home from uni because it was all too much. But try to rest at every opportunity you have and pace yourself to avoid rushing and pushing yourself past your limits. Sometimes universities will give special consideration for people with health concerns. Maybe chat to someone from the uni for some extra support

My Doctor gives it to me for sleep, not anything else. Amitriptyline is very tiresome to take at any other time for me but for sleep, I think it helps some. The better quality sleep I have the less of a fog I find myself in. But that is not much help just a little.