I have a question, for those of you that are drawing SSI and are married/ living with someone, do they pentalize you?
My betterhalf is a disabled Vet and I don’t think it will effect him but what about me? I just won my case and I’m just wondering, I have a friend on here that wants to know also. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

Hi Sharon , this is a great question ! Unfortunately I’m not sure :-(. I wouldn’t think it would effect you, but it’s something I’m sure would be on my mind also. kinda a question you don’t want to ask because you don’t want to give them any ideas or heads up on penalizing you.

Congrats on winning your case… I love to here that !!!

dee B

Hi Sharon,

Congrats on winning your case with SSI! I have been drawing SSD for nearly 3 years and my husband just started drawing SS and neither of us have been penalized. Hope this helps.

Jackie S.

Thanks Jackie!

Thanks dee, I certainly want be bringing it up that’s for sure but I figure if the government can find a way to “take” they will.

Petuniagirl sent me some very helpful info on this subject, maybe I’m worrying over nothing!!

Oh, that's fantastic that you won your case, Sharon! Good for you! Anyone who's afflicted with fibro certainly deserves help financially. And a medal for courage.

Thanks Petunia! I thought you already new though LOL. Yes I agree with you 100%

Congratulations, Sharon! That is wonderful news to share with all. hugs to you ~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Thanks Sandi:)