SSI/SSD spying on us?

Hi everyone,

I have heard alot about this topic on Facebook and would like to know your opinions. Many are saying that private insurance companies and SSI/SSD agents spy on those who have applied for disability both online (Facebook accounts) and in real life.

I emailed my attorney about this topic and she stated that the private insurances do this more than the government. She feels that the government does not have the manpower or resources to check on our activities. She also said that the judge would not check our FB accounts but "you never know."

Has anyone had this experience? I don't know what to do now..I have a FB account and am on several support groups for Fibro and chronic pain. I also have tons of pics posted several years ago when I went to Florida with my fiance. I have my account set to Friends, should I set it to private? Am I being paranoid?

Thanks for your responses.

Hi Linda, it's crazy to think about. I know I don't want people in my personal business, but that being said, if you are going to use social media then you are inviting others into it. As far as spying on anyone, it is wrong but I am sure that it is done. For me personally, let someone follow me around. They can follow me to my room, kitchen, bathroom, back to my room. They can follow me to the store and watch me struggle to get my groceries in my car. They can follow me to countless doctor appointments. As invasive as it is and as wrong as it may be, I have nothing to hide. I also do not put anything out there that I do not want other to know. I am not sure if any of that helps, it is just my experience and my personal opinion.

hi. i agree with what lovett and Gaila said. and i dont think you are being paranoid. it is something to think of and take heed of.I do have some pics of me on days when i was ABLE to go out and took some pics.. but those days are far and few between. it is not the norm. and i did go to florida once and to mexico once. but my life is spent mostly being home bound. however i dont post any pics anymore. if i want a few select family and friends to see them i just send them to their private e -mail.

i think i have my FB settings to private also. i have to check and be sure..



I have heard they do this. But if your worried about a trip prior to your worst days then why worry. Set your account to private, but just so,you know any responses you put up or posts that others post too, do open to anyone’s eyes, unless they all too are private.
It is very much used for hiring, I use to work with a doctor who did FB and other sites prior to calling for interviews… It was the yes or no of their future with his practice, and many many others use it too :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.

I was working up until 2013 and I refuse to take down any pictures before then. It is ridiculous. Just because we are labeled "disabled" doesn't mean that we stay at home all the time and our lives are over. Due to the anxiety and depression of our many conditions it is important that we find a support system and/or hobbies to keep our minds occupied. Also, alot of people who are on disability work part time.

The big problem with having Fibro is that on the outside we don't look like we are dying, but people don't see the pain we have every day! Mine is about an 8-9 at night when I am trying to get some sleep.

I will have to email pics also from now on to family and friends just to be on the safe side, but how ridiculous. ughhhhhhhh

I am trying to get my ssi/ssd and the judge turned me down in process of appeal but last march i had 2 detectives come to my house telling me my identity was found in a house that they raided gave me infomation to call credit burrows they even had me do a photo line up i stressed and loss alot of sleep over that the found out in aug.of last year that ss sent them to my house they lied to me for 5 months i believed them so yeah they can do that lie and get by with crap

My freshman English teacher had a poster up on her wall that I loved, it said, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!" LOLOLOL I have my ex to thank for not having a FB page. He never liked being connected to the internet w/o absolute certainty that no one could "look" at the computer. This did help me get a job with the county--lasted 6 days I couldn't take it anymore--the only thing, at that time, that I engaged in was an AOL chat. And since anyone can enter those, I used the rule I learned as an official host there: Do not say anything you wouldn't say at the Thanksgiving table with family all around! The same sentiment mentioned here before me :)

Hi, Linda,

Welcome to the fibro group! It's a nice place with a lot of nice and helpful people in it.

My feeling is that you never can be too careful where your privacy is concerned. While i tend to agree that the government is too ill funded to go to such lengths, one never knows. Therefore, I would advise you to set your account to private so that only those whom you could trust with your personal info could see it. There is no sense having your pre-fibro days photos being confused with your current situation.

On the plus side, being here and posting would be proof that you ARE having fibro issues, to put it mildly.

Hope this helps!



That's beyond crappy! It sounds like it could be illegal, lying to your about their identities, your id being stolen and going for a line-up. Maybe a letter to your local senator about this? Someone should be aware of practices like these.

The government normally only does this if they feel they have a need to.

Insurance companies say the same but sometimes they do it anyway.

In both cases benefits are in question.

Having said that, I just want to be the first to say hi to the NSA. grin

My lawyer gave me the same advice and whenever I slip up and reveal too much on FB, I am gently reminded to take it down. I have my accounts protected, too! Yet it's an isolating experience. I do often wonder who in the govt would have the job that pays money to track down what people on Ssdi post online, but I don't doubt private companies would do it and raise a stink quickly over nothing.