Spring is here so what's the plans

1476637_234506323384734_564316994_n.jpg188637_117578058410895_1265836154_n.jpgmy son Mackenzie and me

today is the first day of spring and I know for me the warmer weather means more outside time for me. less flares and vacation time....HOLD ON VACATION. yes I said vacation. for me vacation time is great but when its over boy does my body feel it. when we go to the beach. the salt water and warm air does wonders for my fibro pain. but after a week of going going going. and when I have to drive 2 hours back home after already driving the whole week we are there, lord after about a day home I feel like I need 2 months to sleep and recover but it is well worth it for the happiness me and my son gets to enjoy for that week. because I am usually stuck in the house in my PJ's and he never really gets to enjoy me so for that week I am glad god allows my body to do what it suppose to do for me and my son to have fun. but that's enough about me what plans do everyone else have for the warmer days to come. but I also am not looking forward to those rainy spring/summer days.

Spring it here, Spring is here! I can't wait until I can sit in the sun. Have lunch on the patio. Walk on the path here at work. Hopefully we will go to the beach for vacation this year. My husband isn't a beach person because both of his parents live at the river but I love the beach. I also can't wait to spend time at the pool, lounging while the kids play and having a drink with friends. Also, my neighbors just sit out in our cul-de-sac watching the kids play and just hang out. I can't wait for my schedule to slow down so I can join them. haha

Thanks for asking the question and getting us all excited about the upcoming weather. I'm done with Winter! Even though they are predicting more snow on Tuesday of next week.

Gentle hugs,


Thanks for ur reply. I am ready for swimming even though I cant swim lol. But this is my type of wather

Hi Purplepixie! Sounds like you have much to look forward to! Time I spent with my son is the happiest part of my life.

I look forward to being able to be outside with the grand kids. When we bought this house we started accumulating things for the kids. Swing set, basketball nets. Badmitten sets, bikes, scooters. Bats and balls, my husband put in a sand box. So I really look forward to it getting warm enough for me to be outside with them when they come.

I love flowers, but cannot do the back breaking bending to plant all these beds. If my grandson is interested. I take him down to the local greenhouse and allow him to select just about anything he wants and he decides where to plant them. He’s been doing this since he was 5, he’s now 11. He loves it, he is learning different types of flowers, shrubs, and trees.

With the exception of the allergies, I’m very excited about warming weather and sunshine, it’s been a long, hard winter!

Look forward to chatting with you, PP!


Thanks for the replies everyone. Spring has sprung for us fibromyalgia people.i plan on making it a good season. I know I will haveb pains but with gods help and the support of my family and yall I will make it.

Hi Purple,

That sounds like a wonderful vacation. I haven't been to the beach in years.

Spring for me is getting anxious to work outside around the house. Actually,.. working on my house is just my excuse to do something outside (ha ha). I have a 3 1/2 year old God-daughter that I help raise and I will be spending a lot of time with her in the outdoors. We do a lot of nature walks. They are short but, it's still fun. When I was much younger and healthier, I did a lot of camping and some backpacking and nature is where I feel at home and it's so peaceful, I just love it. So, I like to share it with Olivia and sometimes we just sit and watch the fish in a stream. Sometimes we see deer that she thinks she can walk up to and pet. Then she gets upset when they run off.. lol Luckily, we haven't seen any skunks yet. At least not last year anyway. We did see a few hawks, eagles, a fox, an opossum and of course chipmunks. Oh,.. and a beaver hut. :)

Lovely photos.

Aww she sounds sweeter than sugar. I am a nature person too I love being outside and just enjoying life.