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Splurges for Chronic Illness

It seems there are all sorts of products out there to “help” with chronic pain, but I’m wondering what people have purchased and what actually turned out to be useful. I’ll start:

Good splurges:
#1 A Dyson V6 Trigger+ Cordless Handheld Vacuum - Pushing the vacuum was always a hard task for me, and after having purchased this lightweight Dyson, vacuuming is an easy task. It was a little pricey, but worth every penny. This is the best splurge I made.
#2 Hotel-quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets - Sometimes my clothes and/or sheets can be almost unbearable. I splurged on hotel-quality, expensive cotton sheets and it was worth it. It never irritates my skin. And it makes my bed luxurious!
#3 Comfortable, 100% cotton (breathable) pajamas - Great for temperature control.
#4 A planner/notebook - I forget everything. My new notebook (I bullet-journal) is my bible and helps keep me on track and track my symptoms. I should have started one sooner.
#5 Sketchers - My feet have never been so happy. Comfortable shoes are a must.

Not great splurges:
#1 Feather mattress topper - I was trying to make my bed softer. The mattress topper definately made my bed more luxurious, but it didn’t make it as soft as I required.
#2 A microwaveable teddybear - I thought it would be cute, comforting and warm. It’s too small. My money would have been better spent on a larger heating pad.
#3 Massage - A lot of people swear by massage, but my experience was horrible. I explained I have fibro and they insisted they knew what they were doing. Within 2 hours of leaving, I was in agony. By the end of the day, I couldn’t move my left side. This person was even recommended by a friend! I urge people to beware of overzealous pay-per-service providers, who will say anything to get your cash.

I wanted to list adopting my cat, but I don’t think of her as a purchase. But having a pet has made all the difference. She comforts me, she loves me, she’s warm. I’m so isolated and my cat keeps me company. I wasn’t sure she should be on the list, but I thought I’d mention her. =^. .^=

Anybody else have recommendations/warnings?

All of your splurges sound WONDERFUL!!
I know what you mean about the messages.
I go to Myofascial, most insurance cover it~I wish I could scream it out to all of our Fibro brothers and sisters!!!
Now, I going to start looking for those sheets~ Good Luck and Feel Better~

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