Spine specialist

Has anyone gone to a spine specialist? The orthopedics on call referred me last week after I went in my sciatica and he decided to give me muscle relaxers for my neck instead of addressing the sciatica pain. I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow. The actual date of my appt not today when I went to the dr. :-) I will chalk it up to the fibro flare instead of stupidity. haha

hi Stacey. i have gone to a spine specialist. I have a lot of degeneration in every part of my spine including my neck./ Please let me know how your appointment goes and what they reccomend. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


I went to a neurologist after I had an MRI done on my back. They discovered spinal stenosis. I have been pretty happy with his treatment. He is in a clinic with all sorts of specialist.He gave me a prescription for gabapentin and that worked for a few months. Then he added a dose.(July 11) He set me up with a doctor (in that same office) who does epidural shots(aug 25).Then they sent me down the hall to see the physical therapist doctor (today) who then gave me a prescription where I will see a therapist in that same office.( sept 25). During all of the visits the doctors were very interested in my sciatica pain. They wanted it in great detail -when, how frequently, what intensity, what helps it and what aggravates it. My best advice is find another doctor. Judging from all the identity questions and answering why I am there they are concerned they are treating the right person with the right symptoms. Maybe there are horror stories of people going in with a broken arm and instead of care of that they get knocked out with some intense sedation pills and have there kidneys taken out. Make sure the doctor knows why you are there. You should be filling out paperwork about your symptoms or a nurse should.

I went to the spine specialist yesterday and basically he said my spine looked fine. I do have a tilted pelvis when could be causing the sciatic pain because its a huge tilt. But that the spine itself looked good. He did give me a prescription for another dose of steroids just in case I needed it and suggested I see a physical therapist to learn ways to improve my posture. He asked if I exercised and I'm not sure if my facial expression scared him. I was like NO I'm in to much pain to exercise!!! He suggested water exercises. So while I'm thankful that there is nothing wrong with my spine, I'm back to the pain is still Fibro. :-(