Spine issues

Has anyone else been told that they have cysts on their spine? I just was told by a spine specialist that the cyst that the first Dr said was nothing, just told me today that they want to make sure that I have another MRI in a month. Geez, brain and spine? wondering what is going on with my body now~

Hi Jackie, Spinal cysts can be benign , however a synovial cyst can be a fluid filled cyst in the lumbar region and can cause some problems, usually not serious, I’d say another look is good to make sure it’s ok. A lot of cysts can be a result of degenerative spinal stenosis.

Wish I had more, I can understand your concern… Anything on the spine can be scary, best to find out exactly what it is …
Hugs & blessings

Also, spurs on spine are normal as we age. Problem is they can hit a nerve and create a lot of pain anywhere along your spine. I realize this is not cyst but in case it is brought up as well, i thought i let you know. TENs unit usually can completely help with this kind of pain so that is the good news about them!

I am getting a series of x rays on my spine so appreciate the topic in case it comes up for me as well.

Hi Jackie. I don't think we know each other yet? I just want to say best wishes with your second MRI. You'll most likely feel better knowing you have covered all the bases. If they find something that can be corrected, that could be a very good thing. Take care of YOU.

L Kitty

My mother has cyst on her spine. She has been told that nothing can be done about hers. She is on prescription pain killers has a memory foam mattress and a mattress warmer to try to make her comfortable. Prayers are with you. I currently found out I have sciatica so I’m hoping the cyst stay away.

Hi Shana,

I also have Sciatica, somehow the ortho specialist, thought that the size of the cyst, might be causing some issues. Yet the other 2 dr's didn't think this cyst was something to even mention! I feel for you dear, I no how bad sciatica can be!

Hi L Kitty,

Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for the support, with all the issues I have been having over the last 4 months, it's good to hear extra support! I just know, that I hate the MRI thing, and I hate the fact that I now hav to do both the brain and back all over again. Not on the top of my favorite things to do!

I just hate that those spurs are normal. But, apparently they are, and they do cause pain. I use my Tens Unit and it does help. Good advice siskiya.

Hey there,

I am not aware of having any myself but spinal cysts are not that rare and are often easily treatable. They are almost always benign and the ones that are not are usually treatable without much bother. The main problem with them is that as they grow the press on the spinal column and cause neurological symptoms. Having it removed is obviously your best bet, but if it is not growing and causing you no harm then it may not even come to that.

I hope that when you have the next MRI is gives a good result. Let me know how it goes.


No problem, I can let you know how it goes! Thanks for the info and support! I don't want to sound dumb, but can someone tell me what a tens unit is?

It is a small device that emits an electric pulse that helps relieve pain. Lookies x