Specialist: rheum or neuro?

I have been told by rheum that neuro needs to take care of my treatment and vise versa. I’m lost and my PCP is not telling me one way or another.

Hi LadyP,

I was told the same thing my Rheum said her specialty is arthritis not Fibro and the Neuro referred me to a pain management doctor and that is who I am with now. What I've heard from some people in the medical industry is that most doctors don't want to treat patients with Fibro because weare a lot of work and long term chronic care. We cost the government lots of money! I believe a good majority of doctors simply don't know much about Fibro and instead of educating themselves and treating a patient they prefer to shove you off onto someone else. No one wants us and only a rare few who first off believe in Fibro and have taken the time to know more about it. My advice if you can is find a good pain management doctor who is well versed with Fibro and understands the pain your in and is going to be compassionate and take care of you. I know it's not an easy task, but well worth it because you'll save yourself a whole lot of time and energy running to Rheumy's who don't want to treat you. Best wishes in your search. Sue (aka DreamCatcher)

Hello Lady P,

That is a magnificent horse, you must adore each other!

Fibromyalgia is such a complex condition, and it is difficult to say who would do you the most good. We always go to your profile for more information, when asked these questions. Looking for the symptoms that are most troubling to you, unfortunately, you have not included any. When you feel comfortable, you can always go back and edit your profile and include anything you would like.

It is my own experience and observation that a Rheumatologist is our very best choice. They will be able to either run blood work, or review what your GP has already done, and with an exam and questions be able to eliminate any possible underlying autoimmune conditions.

This being said, it may be helpful to know if they will treat fibro, some do, some do not. This is a question to ask in advance. If they think that you are clear of autoimmune and feel a Neurologist would best care for you, they will be able to refer you to a highly qualified one who takes your Insurance.

Please do your best to ask family members for medical conditions of the family, as many things in both areas can be hereditary, putting you in the 'predisposed' category. Family history is very important. It is very helpful if you keep an on-going list of symptoms, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you, they can be most helpful to your Doctor.

My main three Doctors are my GP, Rheumatologist, Chiropractor. I have been to two Neurologists, and they preformed nerve and muscle conduction tests, but were unable to diagnose the hereditary autoimmune diseases.

Our moderator Renie worked for a Rheumatologist for 11 years, and she shares with us, what we should do to see a new Doctor. I will find that and give you the link.

You mention that a particular Rheum, is telling you to go to a particular Neurologist, and vice versa. It may be much easier for you to reselect another of each, and instead find one who is interested in caring for you, and possibly working with another.

I hope this has been of help to you. We are so glad to have you in the group, and do our best to try to help you in any way! I'll find you that link!

Wishing you well,