Sorry I've been out, guys

Hi, friends.
My work has been difficult lately and taking up all of my energy - not to mention “frying” my wrist and hand from all of the typing. So, I’ve had to take a break from visiting the site. But, you are very dear to me, and in my heart each day. I will visit as often as I can.
Yesterday was end of first quarter and last 3 days I’ve worked continuously, with not much sleep. Yesterday evening my body rebelled. Every inch of me hurt and it was hard to just walk down the hall, I was so tired. I got a good night’s sleep last night, started work a little later this morning, and told myself that I will be better to my body. I still hate FMS for taking so much away from me, but I am grateful for the many blessings I do have, and you are such a blessing. Thank you for the love and support you all bring. Those are the best kind of friends. :purple_heart:


Hi AussieMom! Wow! You sure have been through a lot my friend. I can’t imagine typing when you have Fibro. Do you work full time? Are you able to take a leave of absence? If you have short term disability, you can take up to three months off in a 12 month period. You still might get paid but at a reduced amount. I had to go on short term disability when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I believe I was paid 60% of my monthly income. You have a valid reason to take some time off if needed. I sure would hate for you to be in a constant flare and have to type. Do you have arthritis in your wrists and hands? I could be thinking of someone else. Please take care of yourself AussieMom. You are so precious. Praying for you! :pray::hugs::purple_heart::cherry_blossom:

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Hi, Freedom.
Yes, I work full time from home. I do have arthritis in my hands, and the loss of cartilage in my wrist causes the bones to rub together, so I always wear a brace on my r hand, when typing and often a wrist support on L hand as well.
Thank you for the great info. Currently, I’m trying to find short cuts, with less typing… We will see how it goes. Thank you for the kind words and support. Greatly appreciated, my friend :purple_heart:


Hi AM, good to hear from you again… :smiley:
Who’s the warrior now then - I’m not managing my work, you are valiantly :star_struck: keeping at it. :wink: :roll_eyes:
Wondering if you might mean short cuts in technical terms. Like using good dictation software. My Mac’s pretty good at English, not so good at German, I’d have to correct too much. But if I had bad wrists, I’d definitely use it more. But I tend to talk/write too much and also I write more like Beethoven than Mozart, i.e. correct everything 1000x - like you don’t - haha… :wink:
And what about using text replacement for words & expressions you use a lot? Or text modules either triggered by any certain combination of letters/numbers or in another file etc.? I’ve got to do that much more at my work, at least.


All very good suggestions, JSC! Thank you! :blush:
I have templates for all of my letters, which are necessary for filings we do with the gov’t. I also use about 3 different kinds of “copy and paste” applications for phrases often used in my work.
I haven’t tried voice software, although my doctor pushes me toward it. I’m afraid it might be tedious, considering all of the coding and saving of every email and document, which is necessary for our electronic files.
By shortcut, I’m trying to “cut out” any unnecessary typing, finding better in-house abbreviations…everything helps a little!
I do wish I had your energy, JSC! Mine is very low today - Fridays and Saturdays are difficult when they come at the end of a busy week! But, I’m sure you know what I mean.
Thank you for the encouragement and the many ways to strive to help all of us on this site. You are a gem! :purple_heart:


Thanks for specifying! :hugs: I need to think more this way too :thinking:, if I want to survive at home office work. Thinking about yours helps me think about mine.
I’ve just realized that one idea I had of getting the software to spell out some of my often used abbreviations only works in text programs, not in the software platform I communicate with.
But your phrase ’ “copy and paste” applications" ’ made me see that I am not using a text program enough parallel, where I could put in a load of phrases.
Also I hadn’t thought of looking for apps. Looking for help, I’ve now seen that on mac Cmd+K plus Cmd+Y works parallel to Cmd+C plus Cmd+V so that’d be 2 clips. Needing more I’d need apps like Paste, Unclutter and Rocket Typist… Edit: Hmm, been lookin for hours :hourglass_flowing_sand: for something good for mac, nothing’s working properly yet… :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Templates I’d have to build up myself. Full templates probably aren’t possible, but I could try building up some smaller ones.
I enjoy using voice software once in a while. But as I said it tends to make me blurb more. If my wrists’d hurt, and when they hurt, I wd and do use it.
The opposite would be as you say cutting out unnecessary typing. That’d need me to think more & clearer before I write. But often I think as I write or when I’ve seen it in writing. Not that I need any paper, like a lot of people I know. And brain fog or my dullness etc. isn’t any help…
My outer energy has waned, unfortunately, in the last 3 weeks. I don’t feel like I can do much more than forum-writing. So it keeps my spirits up getting any feedback - thank you! :+1: !


The way you break things down, helps me, as well, JCS! Does your Outlook (or email) program have a built in template area? I use both that and the “signatures.” I’ve got tons of signatures saved! I also love my “One Note” program, as the files allow me to organize it any way I like. Two of the files I’ve created are mostly one sentence phrases that I can paste into email subject lines, transaction descriptions used in invoices, and items for other forms, as needed. Several of the “One Note” folders also serve as my “memory” on those bad brain fog days. It is fun trying to “outsmart” FMS! Ha!
I also like to challenge myself to hardly ever use my printer and have just one hand written note for each transaction - Everything else is electronic. Maybe eventually I’ll go completely electronic, but the “backup” of having a sheet with essential info. on it seems to help me.
It does sound like you’re having a bad flare lately - I hate that for you!!! :frowning_face: Thank you for using your energy here - It is a great encouragement to me :star_struck:


Hmm, there’s no templates and no signature-alternatives in programs I need to use.
But I think the one sentence phrases are going to be a great help!
Just found a post it app already on my laptop which I hadn’t seen before… Stays in front. That could help a lot too!
And I’ve also found the app I’d been trying to install was installed (2x!), but it’s only shown and only opens in the top bar… surprise, surprise… :see_no_evil: :boom:

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Hi @AussieMom !

It’s good to hear from you again. You are a determined, amazing person. It’s great you are constantly looking for shortcuts to make your job easier. I love typing on the computer but if I do it for a full day the wrists get tender. I don’t have arthritis like you but the fibromyalgia kicks in. When I had read your first message I had these ideas that might help but @JayCS gave so much more. Jay you are very knowledgeable and awesome. Your posts just make me smile. You both have such amazing attitudes and I am very happy you are on Ben’s friends. Jay you are filled with so many ideas to help other people and AussieMom your personality and thoughtfulness make me happy when I get to read a message from you. AussieMom you will find something that works for you. It does sound like voice technology wouldn’t work for you but then again tech changes so fast and there may be something out there to help you out. I am like you when it comes to having paper back ups. It’s smart to be that way. Electronics can crash or something unforeseen could happen. I don’t print out everything but I print what I need. I like my Bills to be sent to me still so when I pay them I can document the info and file them away. Somethings I’m fully electronic on but not all and I think it’s fine to be that way.

Ok I’ve gabbed enough! I hope you both have a great week!

Take good care,


JCS, I do like the post-it app! Another way to outsmart FMS on the bad brian days! :crazy_face:

Dear Davey,
You could NEVER gab enough! We always learn so much from you, my friend! :purple_heart:
Thank you for the very kind words and for your amazing encouragement - It brought tears to my eyes. I agree that Jay (aka JSC, aka JayCS) is quite something else! He goes above and beyond and beyond and beyond! There’s no keeping up with him (which challenges us all)! And, no end to what I learn from him!
And, you, Davey, have a heart of gold and truly insightful ideas for us all. I also love reading your posts. We are blessed to have moderators that do much more than “moderate.” They relate, they care, and they are always here for us.
Davey, when you mentioned having paper backups, it reminded me of something funny that happened years ago. One day, at work, I pulled a little (worn out) address book from my purse, and a girl in her 20’s saw it. She started laughing and said, “That is just like one my grandma had!” I didn’t feel like she was making fun of me, as much as it brought back memories of her grandma, which is nice. Most of the time, I’m glad I didn’t grow up in a generation that completely relies on electronics throughout their day. There is something special about hand written letters and paper cards, although it takes more time and effort than sending an email or text. Well, now I’ll stop gabbing. But, Thank You, Davey, for making my day brighter :sun_with_face:


Oh @AussieMom you are so sweet. It’s really nice to have someone in the community give me such love back. I am truly great full to you. I really am.

Oh to be 20 again and not know what address books are or were lol. It’s so ironic you brought this up because I have been searching for a new one because the one I have is old and cruddy. I can’t find them anywhere. Nobody sells them anymore so I’ll have to look online. I like to have information in my phone but I could need a number or address in a hurry. If the phone dies I loose it all.

I hope you had a great week and great weather. We need some great weather to motivate us to get outdoors and walk.

Again thank you for your wonderful words. Right back at you.

Talk soon