Social Security Disability benefits (taking forever to be approved!)

Hi all, I am new to this site so I thought I would post about something that takes up an extraordinary amount of time in my life: filing for disability benefits. I first filed in January 2011 and have been denied repeatedly ever since then. I have a lawyer now and we just opened a new application for SSI and SSDI. My question is: Is there anyone here who has won disability benefits? And how long did it take you?

I'm just wondering if it's just MY case or if everyone struggles with benefit approval.


From what my lawyer stated to be on Thursday, it can take up to 2 years on the first application. From reading others profiles and posts, it sure isn’t something that only takes months. I wish you the best on this second try and think it’ll be better this time with a lawyer. hugs~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Your very right it takes a long time … The whole process is so stupid, I saw a disability doctor & it was such a joke, I got a denial letter one week after my appointment , if you can walk, sit, stand, and tie a shoe or butten a shirt ,you failed, they ask a few questions , but it’s ridiculous …ugh

If they only could feel how we feel !!!

dee B

I was denies on my first attempt, I’m going for my second attempt now but with a lawyer that seems confident that I will receive my money within the next year or so. It defiantly takes a long time and the wait process is very hard. Especially when you have no income coming in! But hopefully in the end, all will work out. I try and stay positive about everything in my life, I have too many flare ups to not stay positive especially about this matter!

hi , I applied last September and was refused twice iam now waiting to see one of there doctors as when I attended the tribunal they couldn't decide , so still waiting and that was a month ago , hugs to everyone xxx

For my hearing, the judge considered testimony from state psychologists who I had never even met with! I can understand the state wanting a second opinion to my psychiatrist, but to consider their testimonies without even talking to me on the phone?? I was shocked.

Hi Laura, Here is some good news I can share, a good friend from here has been trying since 2011 as well and last night she messaged me she finally got it....She had been denied a few times and she went before the judge a few months back and just received this news last week. They are also going back to 2009 with back pay for her so there is hope after all. Best of luck and don't give up.... Hugs

Hi Laura. I too have been waiting for a long time. I was denied right off the bat. They sent me to their docs and as others have said - it’s a joke. They ask you to touch your toes - other dumb stuff. It’s just a procedure you have to go through. I hired an attorney right away. My hearing is in October. I have since moved my ex husband back in with me as I can’t grocery shop. Actually - I can do most anything but when I do I pay for it for days. I try and cram all the stuff I haven’t been able to do on those few good days but its really not worth it. I’ve heard being a bit older increases your chances of being awarded. I HATE TO SAY AWARDED because its really not like its an award. I’ve give anything to not feel this pain on an almost everyday basis. Ill let you all know how my claim goes. Nervous as all hell but don’t have a whole lot of choices.

I was denied. I hired a lawyer when it was going to a judge. I just received my unfavorable letter.

They used anything they could to deny me. My husband and I went to Florida for a week about 3 weeks after my third car accident that I believe brought on this fibro. I was working full time still and we had planned it for over a year before. It was for my kids. I went and just dealt with the pain. After being there for one day, I spent the remainder of the week confined to a bed and doubled my meds just to get through it. What fun vacation right??? I continued to work for another year until I could no longer hide the fact that I couldn’t do the job. My doc put in my medical records that I was in Florida for a week and that was cited as proof that I could continue to work. I am 49 and have also been told that age is a big factor. The government medically retired me to do major depression diagnosis and very diminished cognitive function. My IQ is just barely above normal and I used to work as a Program Analyst. The Program Manager made decisions for the program based on my analysis. At least I have an income now. My husband took the plunge with me and was the only family support until I got approved. I couldn’t have done it without him cause that process took us almost a year.

I have lost all hope of getting SSDI. Funny, I have been working and paying into social since I was 16. I have like 32 points. What a benefit huh. Oh and my lawyer just sent me a letter to dump me since we didn’t win the case.

Best Wishes

I'm so sorry about what happened to you! Did you just give up? I think about giving up all the time, but I just can't because I've spent SO much time and effort in to it, I just can't let it all be for nothing.
I was in a similar situation to you though, as far as my judge saying that because I volunteer as a nurse for FOUR HOURS A WEEK, that I could sustain full-time employment. People I tell can't believe that was used against me in an SSDI hearing.

Thx… For now I have. It’s just crazy to understand their rules and know our condition. I am totally convinced that they will look for any reason they can to disapprove. So how can you fight that? My feelings are as long as you are still upright and not on a ventilator they will consider you able to work. Not fair at all. I gave up a job where I sat all day. I had to take naps on my breaks and lunch to keep going. I was drinking 5 hour energy twice a day just have the energy to be there. I even had to pull my car over and take a quick nap on a 30 minute drive coming home from work. But the judge asked me…other than the pain, what keeps you from working…HA…

Sorry, I sound very bitter and in many ways I am…but I am also so much better not working. The stress was too much. I can’t even hold a good disagreement now… Can’t remember what has been said haha…

I would still encourage others to keep trying. I have heard of it being approved for some. Everyone is individual and the judge may have someone they know who has FM and all the other stuff and can truly understand our plight. If we all give up then they win. Unfortunately there are many who use this disease as a way to avoid working but those who truly have this are fighting that stigma. Even the medical community is skeptical. How do we then convince a judge if they totally rely on your doctor who only sees you for 15 minutes every so often? And the lie too. My doctor called me a bully because I got upset when after 19 months of care, he tells me that he can’t validate that what I am telling him was true. I had my nerve huh? So what the heck was he giving me meds for?

Again, I apologize for going on. That’s why I am careful on replying. I get carried away sometimes… Haha.

Wishing you a good day.