So very, very, very tired

All the time, except bed time. I think my body got its signals flipped again. Dark outside = wide awake, light outside = falling asleep sitting up.

Started a new job 3 weeks ago, doing massive amounts of training, which is a nice change of pace, but still a lot to take in. The workplace is great, but I also feel like I have to push through for a while longer before I can take time for illness, etc. Also had a lot of extra activity with the second job, and tons of family / friends stuff on the weekends. I have been keeping up, but every day gets a little harder.

So very, very tired. I have tried simply sleep - I go to sleep okay, but night wakings are bad; tried some ambien - can't get going in the morning. Don't even get me started on trazadone or amitryptaline. Oof. Just want to curl up and nap for an afternoon to get caught back up - but as they say - no rest for the wicked.

Doctor's solution: exercise more. Grrr... (and when would he propose I do that?!?)


Thanks Tammy!

I do need to remember to eat properly. I am *horrible* about breakfast, which is absolutely necessary for me. I also asked my doctor if chasing my toddler around the world (especially with all the Halloween activities going on - patches, trunk-or-treats, parades, etc.) counted. He said "well, sort of" because it isn't measurable and thus can't be optimally increased week-to-week. He "would rather" I do step counts. Ummm... well, I can't really do one instead of the other, so chasing the toddler and running around during photo shoots will just have to be enough. sound like a super-hero to me! I think that maybe after some more time at the new job, things will even out? I hope so for you anyway. It has been my experience in the past anyway and I work mostly out of 2 weeks I was either good to go or out of there.

Caring for small children absolutely gives you THAT exercise, so does all the give yourself a break somewhere in're getting the workout :)

Hang in there...I'll keep you in my prayers! You're Boo-tiful! Happy Halloween!


I ready your entry and I must share the drug that helped me so much - I feel about 80% great most days- ...from my recent past which was crawling into bed each afternoon at 3:00

Please try Savella.....if your doctor will not prescribe switch doctors....I am giving you great advice......I hope you feel better,


Hi Lady,

Wow, I am impressed with your work schedule! Please try to pace yourself though, because fibro tends to go nuts when we overwork.

Sleep, ahhhhhhh yeah. I hear ya on that one. I used to fall asleep by 9 or 10 PM, tops. Now it's anywhere from 3-6 AM. Here's my theory on it: Because our bodies tend to be in worse pain in the evening and at night, our sleep cycle has been re-wired to allow us some sleep during daylight hours, when we feel better. I know that my daytime sleep is much more restive than my nighttime sleep. So maybe it's for the best that our sleep cycle has been re-routed. Except if we have to go to work in the daytime. Then it is tough.

Maybe a nice warm bath after dinner, along with some Epsom salts. Or else a nice warm, snuggly warming blanket on your bed and a soft as butter pillow.

I definitely do feel for you and hope you find a workable solution!

PS: And is your doctor kidding? Of course running after a toddler counts as exercise! It's probably more excersize than an actual gym workout!

Dear Beth,

I am so sorry to hear of you being this tired, but sit back and THINK about all that you do! You have a husband, a house, at least one child, a full time job, and just recently started a photography business, doing weddings and special events on weekends!

I'm not a Doctor, but I think you need to slow down, my friend!

If I recall, you already exercise, and this seems to be a recommendation that is not a total solution, just perhaps one tiny piece of a very large, elusive puzzle. I personally do not think that exercise, other than stretching, makes us that much better, in many instances, I tend to think it makes us worse, but then besides Fibro, I have autoimmune arthritis.

I just have to ask if you have/are being seen by a Rheumatologist? I still think they are our best hope!

Wishing you well,


BTW, I tend to think of Fibromyalgia as the 'overdoer's disease'! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely admire all that you do, but if you 'listen to your body', you will be able to hear it telling you to slow down!

Exactly Tammy, my grand kids are my Physical Therapists! ha!

I am having the SAME problem! I am tired all day long, and then fall asleep with no problems but then I'm up every 1-2 hours during the night just staring at the wall! I use an all-natural sleep supplement called Revitalizing Sleep Formula that seems to help. It's a vegetable capsule so it's non-addicting. You can take anywhere from 1-4 a night, I take 3, but occasionally I have my 4 nights ;) I just started a new job, too, and I have to be up by 5 and my fibro is not having it!!! Though I have to say, going to Zumba classes twice a week definitely helps with the sleep!

Oh the joys of being a warrior :P

When i was working it was near impossible to get exercise but I did walk in the evenings with my husband, The colder months were challenging. But I was exhausted. I realized after being let go from a couple of jobs because I was frequently late in the morning that I needed to reconsider my job hours. I needed a job like the one I had in previous years, one that allowed me to sleep in on a few mornings or at least one morning. I was lucky -I got a job through a nanny agency and they were perfectly fine with what i wanted-long hours Mon-Thursday and Friday off. I was able to sleep in the whole weekend.Then on Monday I was refreshed enough to get up at 7am. I kept the job for 5 years. I am on disability now. My son was 2 when i went on and getting through the day with a toddler who would not nap was shear hell. Later, when he was in preschool for 3 days i applied for a scholarship at the YMCA. I did exercise but it was gradual-very gradual. I did notice an improvement in my symptoms for the two years I stayed with this. Then one year I pulled a muscle. I took about 6 months off. When i tried again at least two times I did too much at each start up and sent myself into flares. The doctors have no idea what a nightmare that can be. They have no clue that you think you can do it, you have no pain during the exercise but you suffer for weeks after that (4 weeks). I hope my experiences might help you consider how you can alter work schedules or sleep schedules. I cannot get through a week without at least 1,but preferably 2 days of sleeping in the morning. I am very careful not to over do things. I vacuum rooms, but it takes me a few hours because I take breaks to do less strenous activities, like folding clothes or paying bills .

My hats off to you, and I hope you can enjoy to keep up this amount of energy. Good for you Beth. Congrats on the job and fun weekends.

It was once normal to sleep for 3-4 hours awaken for a couple of hours then sleep again,perhaps your body is trying to tell you this is what you need to do. I realize that it doesn't really fit in with the 21st century life style of sleeping in one shot and maybe getting 4-6 hours. But it is not what our bodies where designed to do look at the other great apes and they spend much more time reasting and sleeping than we do . they also do this way of sleeeping were they sleep a few hours and awaken to sleep again,it far more prevelent in the winter. just because everyone else does is not a good reason to do something.Embrace the awakening for awhile and see if you don't feel better. You may need to retire earlier to accomplish this but it is better than being contantly stressed by a lack of sleep and you can't afford that with fibro for very long your body will shut down.Good luck and be gentle with yourself you deserve it.