So tired of pain willing to try CBD oil

Lately the pain, fog and exhaustion are killing me…I have never tried any illegal drugs heck i wont even take medication if not prescribed to me. I follow my prescriptions to a T. But tonight i couldnt take it anymore, i had my adult son go buy me CBD oil to vape. So Gonna see how it goes.
He set up the vaping thingy for me and taught me how to reload it. Then i was like ok, how do i smoke? Lol
He laughed and showed me what to do…did i mention I have never smoked a cigarette like NEVER EVER!
My 1st try I coughed up a lung…2nd try a bit better…3rd times a charm right ? Ya it wasnt hahaha
Hopefully i get the hang of it and my pain level goes down a notch or three…
Oh my son said he told the guy it was for me & that i had fibro and the guy at the smoke shop told him he had broken his hip a while back and he bought a cream with CBD oil but it had THC in it too and it helped him alot with the pain. But with my profession & bc i live in Texas that is not an option for me…anyone tried vaping, pills, drops or creams? Did it help?

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I use CBD oil drops 3 times a day. It doesn’t help much w/ nerve pain or muscle cramps, but it dropped the frequency of my headaches down by 80%. I find find that I’m able to cope better w/ my other
Fibro symptoms when I don’t have headaches.
I also use a topical roll on w/ CBD oil in it for specific muscle spasms. It seems to help, but doesn’t get rid of the pain completely.

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If it decreases my pain a little i will be happy. A couple mths ago i started having muscle spasms in my hands. And boy does it hurt. Im hoping that eventually decreases too. I got acupuncture done today as well. Im even thinking of getting a swedish massage but im scared. I’m just tired of the pain.

My hands hurt me as well. They feel swollen & the joints throb. Sometimes just trying to hold a toothbrush is excruciating. So far, I haven’t found anything that really helps except heat.
Let me know how you feel after your accupuncture & massage. I hope they give you some relief!

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Hi, today the pain has not been too bad. I think i will continue with the CBD oil to vape and the acupuncture. Idk if they actually helped my pain or if it was decreased bc I wasn’t so stressed from work. And today i just got my compression gloves i ordered they dont have the fingertips. I will let you know how those help or if they don’t. I got the gloves bc in the clinic i work at its super cold and my hands hurt even more when they are cold. Oh and the particular acupuncture i had done is called battlefield acupuncture. Hopefully you find some relief.

Hi Sweetpea76, out of desperation I have tried the CBD oil, 3 different strengths, 200$ later, I don’t think it worked for me unfortunately. I was diagnosed with FB in April, but I have been in pain for the last 20 years, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, of the knees, hips and lower back. So I really don’t know which diseases cause what symptoms. I don’t get the brain fog. I used to get that before I was diagnosed wit Coeliac.
I have done the pool therapy, which I just completed, I’m seeing a spine doctor and will be seeing a physiatrist soon. I spend my time going for one fr to another. It’s so frustrating…


Never tried it, but there are pills without the thc, so no high…

I have been flaring a lot cause our weather has been so stormy and wet…so i just restarted acupuncture…it helped some in the past…certainly no cure, but every bit of help is great…

Heat helps, i have an acupressure mat that i really like.
I love some topical pain relievers, because whatever area is particularly bad…i can greatly reduce…

I take an anti inflammatory because , one of my PTs says it is neuro inflammation, in the cell…that does not show it in the blood…

Stretching is a must for our muscles, as well as taking magnesium malate…i like a medical grade tumeric also…

Ask any questions, i have had this a long time

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I follow my meds too. The CBD here is not really any good. The source is unreliable. My pain Dr actually had a Pharmacist send me a sample.
Marijuana is still illegal here in PA, USA. Medical marijuana is beyond the reach of most financially.
I wish I could offer more than support. But my support you have?
Have you thought of short term low dose steroids? There’s been discussions about it. Long term depletes the bones and makes them brittle.

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I was a licensed massage therapist for 18 years and I had many fibro clients and they all said it helped them. I will warn you that it might make you hurt a little more after but it will help. Just don’t let them do too much or go too deep in any area when you are flaring because it can make it much worse.

Now that I have fibro I can’t afford to get massage. :frowning:

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I was thinking about getting some hand warmers I keep forgetting when I’m at the store to get them heat usually helps me I’ve got a heated blanket heated pads and now that it’s in my hands"crazy stuff" they hurt so bad I don’t know if I should laugh or cry but hopefully I will remember to get them memory is a problem also and writing things down is hard with hurting hands anyway I hope this might help anyone else

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Hi, I still haven’t been brave enough to get a massage…I want one bc it seems so relaxing but I’m so scared since a light touch hurts. The CBD vaping doesn’t seem to help but I’m waiting for the smoke shop to get in the order of CBD oil that goes under the tongue. Forgive me i cant for the life of me think of the proper name…its so disappointing that the vape didnt help at all…

under the tongue is sub-lingual.

If you do decide to get massage make sure you go to someone who understands how to work with fibro patients, not all massage therapists do. I hope I can start getting massage at least on occation because I have neck/shoulder problems that are not caused by fibro but aggravate my other issues.

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I have never tried CBD but my son, who resides in AZ, says I should try it. I got a message Saturday with someone who is familiar with Scleroderma and Fibromyalgia and I felt really good! My muscles felt better and had some pain relief. I have a lot of discomfort in my hips, neck, and hands. And my upper back between my shoulder blades is so sensitive and painful that I really don’t like to be touched there. But I have Raynauds Syndrome so getting the blood flowing is a good thing. All in all I think we all have to figure out what works best for us individually.

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Lol! Thanks…i hate that i forget words I should know…thank you i will make sure whoever i go to has experience with fibro patients. I heard I shouldn’t get a deep tissue massage and that i should get a Swedish massage. Is that right?

Hi there, Yes you’re right abour having to find what works for me…my sister has fibro and TN gets massages and gets relief from them. And a friend loves to get pedicures bc of they massage her calves and feet. And when i get a pedicure i always tell them I dont want a massage bc it hurts me too much.

Yes a gentle swedish massage would be best, after you have been getting them for awhile you might get a deeper one to work on specific problems but you will more than likely hurt more the next day that someone without fibro.

I had one client that had a chronic problem that involved the gluteal muscles and I would work deeply on them and she would tell me she hated me and would never be back but by the time she was dressed and ready to leave she was making her next appointment.

The best thing you can do is be regular with them. No matter if you go weekly or monthly you will do best if you stick to a regular schedule.

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Thank you so much for the tip. I will make an appointment to get one soon :blush:

I bought a cheap pair of fingerless gloves and I use those little hand warmers you buy in winter…I stick them against my palms inside the gloves…a little heating pad for my hands!


I’ve been using CBD oil for a few months now. It helps me sleep! I’m in a really bad flare since getting a severe virus in August so I’ve been taking a capsule in the morning too…it seems to help. But you really have to do your research into reputable places. Places that do outside testing. I’ve found a few places in CO that have been good for me. Unfortunately it’s probably like with medications…one that works for someone might not work for the next one.


This thread has been moved to “Complementary Therapies” because CBD oil isn’t one of the recognized treatments approved by the FDA for Fibromyalgia.

Ben’s Friends can’t condone illegal acts, but because our membership is international, and the use of cannabinoids is legal in some jurisdictions, highly illegal in others, and get the “blind eye” in yet other places, adults have to make their own decisions on this one.

That said, it’s important that your docs know about everything that you are taking: medications (OTC or prescription), supplements and “substances” (legal or not) can all potentially have an interaction with your various treatments.