Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

So this is a thing. Hi. Happy FMS awareness day


I guess this is what I was looking for when I thought "I wonder if there's somewhere to chat with people who get me."

I thought I had people who "got" me. They said they understood me; my fibro, my anxiety. When I met them I learned I was wrong. I went to a very public event where they promised they had my back and they didn't, and I crashed hard. I won't go into detail but it left me broken and feeling very alone.

I was diagnosed in the summer of 2010, by the head of immunology at a nearby hospital. He didn't offer me any treatment, just "Yep, you have fibromyalgia" and that was it. My family doctor (at the time) wasn't really into that diagnosis, and wanted to treat me with a string of ever-more-powerful SSRIs, thinking it was actually depression - yeah, he was one of THOSE doctors. I left him after he tried to put me on Pristiq, and found a new doctor... who told me I just needed a good night's sleep. Doctor #3 tried a few scripts (Lyrica, Neurontin), and said he'd hook me up with a neurologist and a pain clinic, before taking off without so much as a phone call from the office. Doctor #4 is doing what he can with the information he has, but since most treatments have failed, he's left in the same position I am - lost and not really sure where to go next. At least he's trying.

So here I am. Looking for friends, support, and people who might actually get me.


We get you, and we're glad that you found us. I hope that you will be as well.



i am using a pain management Dr, who told me "Honestly we cringe when some one walks in with Fibromyalgia". Gotta give him credit, at least he was honest. The only thing that i found to help slightly is stretching. Good luck! I am running out of positive energy. The only thing I have going for me at the moment is my husband. I call him my person. I'll See how much more of me he can take of me. Honestly having a person really does help to.