So my rheumatologist took me off gabapentin

I had apt. Today and my doctor took me off of gabapentin today. I had really bad memory problem on top of fibro fog. I also been gaining alot of weight. He is sending me for physical therapy and he increase my mobic. So now I am just taking ultram as needed and flexural at bed time. I don’t know what to expect. Does anybody have any ideas I can do to help with pain? Is this a normal fibro treatment?

He just said stop taking it, not to wean off. What will happen if I don’t wean off

My rheumatologist will not prescribed vicodin or narco for fibro.

300 mg bid


I wonder if I should see a pain specialist. I asked him about the tens unit and he said it will not help like physical therapy and thats all I need.

I know exercise helps but sometimes I can’t even get out of bed

Hi ana

See if physical therapy offers aqua therapy it helped me alot and i was not as sore.

Thanks everyone! Today I’m finally feeling a little better. I’m going to go to physical therapy and see how it helps.

Hi Ana,

Wow, I'm sorry that gabapentin didn't help you. It gave me a terrible headache whenever I took it. It is not an ideal drug for some of us with fibro.

Is there a reason that he didn't put you on Lyrica or Cymbalta? Those typically are the drugs given for fibro, other than gabapentin and savella, of which I know nothing.

I have grabbed some reviews of how people did on Mobic with fibro. It sounds like it's a mixed reaction: Apparently ultram is sometimes prescribed to help fibro as well: Both drugs seem to be NSAIDS if I read the info correctly. The Mobic definitely is.

As for PT, it has helped a few of the people here. I guess it's worth a try. I just found that I hurt worse and was exhausted from it, even days later. But again, you really won't know unless you try it. I would suggest that you refuse to do anything that is very painful or seems to hurt your body because while I've had some great PT people who know exactly what they were doing, I also had some terrible ones from a very prominent treatment center who didn't.

Oh, and there is always the option of a pain center. They sometimes can find ways to relieve your pain. And deep tissue massages are helpful for some, although some people really hurt after them.

I think it's important to wait and see how the drugs and PT work for you. You can always change your course of action if it doesn't help but if it does help, then you've gained something quite valuable to you.

Hugs to you and sorry for your suffering,


Hi Ana,

To start off with, I'm going to include a disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a medical person, only a fibro sufferer. My opinions are only opinions and what I've found to be helpful myself, unless I say otherwise.

I'm not so sure about what he's saying. Recent research has shown us to have damaged mitochondria, which are the power centers of each cell. Ours cannot take in, make or give out energy effectively. To put even more strain upon us would only double the effect of pain and exhaustion. So no, PT is not all that a person with fibro necessarily needs.

Some fibro people really find a lot of help with a tens unit. I do not. If you want one, you can buy them off of Amazon and Ebay. You could also ask people here what kinds they use. They can run from inexpensive to very expensive. I always read reviews from users first, to see if the machine is helpful to others.

I hope you're feeling a bit better now. This illness really stinks.

I was on them all except the one that starts with a S.