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So glad I refound the website! Still getting more tests and diagnosis


My computer went down for awhile and I haven't been on here.had to refind the website. I have been going through several tests from ear nose and throat Dr. and Dermatologist. Plus my regular physician. Went the round of Gabapentin did nothing but made me tired and headaches daily.... then now on Cymbalta which seems to be worse then the Gabapentin. 10 days so far and the Cymbalta has kicked my butt! Tired want to sleep and headaches. My thyroid is off again and upped the levothyroxine to 250 mcgs. On a good note my chronic ear problem since I was a teenager is finally diagnosed with biopsies of my ears being Psoriasis. The Dermatologist said I should definitely point this out to my Dr. and have him send me to a Rheumatoligist cause I could have Psoriatic Arthritis. ( Especially since I have so many issues with my hands and feet.) besides everywhere else. So looking forward to maybe getting a handle on the ear problem after 30 plus years and maybe some of the pain issues. Right at the moment don't feel a lot better but trying new medications wheres on a person.

On a very happy note my son got married in July and it was a beautiful wedding, I got to have my grandson's for a few weeks which was awesome! So blessed to have my wonderful Family.

I hope this Blog finds everyone else appreciate the wonderful blessings they do have among the daily aches and pains.

Love to all,



Hi, Gypsy, glad to welcome you back! Congrats to you and your son.:slight_smile: And thanks for your update. We have an outstanding PSA community, check it out when you are able. Good luck on the medication trials. It takes time, but hopefully you’ll find something that helps soon.


Petunia Girl said:

Hello there, Gypsy, and welcome back! Sounds like you've been doing Doctor Twister (Twister wad a game when I was a kid where you'd have to twist yourself into whatever colored spot that a little spinner landed on. And it sure feels like Twister to me when docto visits send you here, there, and everywhere!

I would strongly recommend that you get to a rheumatologist ASAP because if you do have Psoriatic Arthritis, it could be causing a LOT of that pain and if left untreated in can really damage your joints and organs. You'd probably be put on medication right away.

I got the headaches from Gabapentin too, so my doctor tried me on a cousin of Gabapentin called Lyrica. The Lyrica helped to reduce my pain without getting those vise-like headaches. Maybe your doctor coukd look into meds like this that haven'-y been tried on you yet.

And congratulations on your son's wedding! A happy happy day! July's weather here was gorgeous, so I hope he got it too! I'll bet you were excited! Have you met his wife before? Are they planning on moving or anything like that? And congrats too on your grandchild! So si SO much fun! Well, except for the fibro...