So angry!

I work for a medical office. Can’t belive how little support I get from coworkers. One actually told my manager that if I were a horse, she would just shoot me! I don’t know how to deal with this. I Never call in sick but I do take time off for Dr appointments. I press.through the pain because I love my job and have to work. Sorry, just needed to vent. Thanks!

Oh Tonka your one patient person!. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut!..

OMG. i'm completely appalled by your co-worker's comment. That person is a mental case. How dare she (he?) talk about you like that! Personally, I would have as little as possible to do with that coworker henceforth. why bother expending energy on so base a person?

If you never call in sick, you are way ahead of most of us. You have every right- and need - to visit your doctor. That you CAN CONTINUE TO PRESS THRU THE PAIN IS AMAZING. JUST BE CAREFUL THAT YOU DON'T PUSH YOURSELF INTO WORSE FIBRO TERRITORY. FIBRO LIKES TO LATCH ONTO PEOPLE WHO OVERWORK.

Feel free to vent away - we're listening.

Please pardon my mistakes as i'm typing one handed.

Heh heh, let Punkin at your coworker! LOL!

Tanka, that is just awful, people are just so ignorant & rude !! She will get it back some day, and I know how you feel, people at my workplace said so many lies about me that it broke my heart & all because I had to use FMLA to go to dr. Apt, it’s so hurtful , at first I protested, then I realized they really just don’t care, I never complained about anything I worked my but off for 23 years and everyone always liked me, until I got sick … Wow !! You really find out who cares and who doesn’t !!
I actually feel sorry for someone that hurtful, she must have horrible hurt in her life !!!
I would kill her with kindness !!!
Hugs & blessings

I have missed a lot of work because of this illness and sometimes avoided coworkers because I was paranoid about what they were thinking about me. I work in a call center surrounded by coworkers and we all usually keep to ourselves for the most part, so it's not hard for me to try to be invisible. Lately though, I have noticed the ladies around me all take a moment to Greet me when I come in for the start of my shift, and say that they enjoy their day just a little more when I am there. It is very encouraging when you feel as though you are missed when you are gone rather than feeling belittled because you weren't there. I think your coworker needs a lesson on how to encourage rather than discourage a person. I wish you luck!

How utterly sad, Dee. I can understand people not really "getting" fibro and even resenting time we take off because they haven't a CLUE about our illness but I draw the line at someone lying about you at work, simply because you are ill. Some people truly are heartless. I'm really sorry that you and Tanka had to experience the bad side of people due to your illness.

It's nice, then, to read Candi's experiences with co-workers who treat her well even though she needs time off. Let's face it, some people have class while others do not. And I firmly believe that you get back at you what you put out to others at some point or another. Those who have done this to you will learn that compassion is an important tool to have in social situations when they are sick or having problems. Compassion costs nothing but it sure is treasured by those who receive it.

Thanks Petunia, your so right someday it will come back on them , it breaks my heart because i spent my entire career having compassion, and care for every single patient I took care of. I always tryed to put myself in there situation, and I tryed to do what ever I could to provide comfort and care, even if it was holding a hand or getting someone a warm blanket, one thing I know for sure is that I am a good nurse, I treated every patient as if it were my own family. And to have co- workers say nasty hurtful things just tore me to pieces !!! My own boss lyed on my evaluation, & when I said & wrote this was a lie she said its what she observed, she did everything she could to make my life miserable because I had FMLA. It was awful, but it’s ok now, when one door closes another opens… I will always be a nurse
Thank you


It is HARD! I wanted to say so much to the both of them. Bad enough that she would say that. think its worse that my manager told me and thought it was funny.

Great typing for one handed. Arthritis, injury or just stinkin Fibro?

thanks for the support!

I dont know how to get FMLA so I'll be embarking a new adventure. they have said so much about my being out even though I have had the PTO and requested the time and it was approved! So Just to protect myself, I am talking to my doc Friday about FMLA, guess that is where I start.

So Right Petunia!

Im so glad that you dont have to deal with drama, Fibro is enought by itself, not to mention everything else that goes along with it.

Thnak you all for the support... So nice to have people who understand instead of try break you down. So glad i found you all...looking forward to getting to know you all better....

You don’t have to apply for FMLA. But your employer needs to be covered by it. You do not get paid for it unless you have a secondary coverage like aflac.

I would have laid into them. Your medical problems are none of their business and it’s definitely not for group conversation unless you bring it up.

I have no patience for rude, inconsiderate people.

I hope this info helps.


Dear Tonka,

So sorry you have to go through this, so sorry we all do! It has to be the most sickening part of illness! Well, you have us now! This crazy cast of characters will understand, will listen, will respond, will laugh with you, and cry with you.

Vent anytime! Come to us anytime!

Big hugs,


Sorry to hear that, some people are so insensitive. I've been told by my cousin to toughen up. He has a bad back and doesn't believe that my little illness is painful, especially as his back is.

Thanks so much! It really does. V