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Sleep tests

I hope that among the many tests we are all subject to, everyone should have a thyroid test and a sleep test. Most docs will do thyroid as a first course of action. Sleep tests can be done at home now and may show why some are not getting restful sleep.

I agree 100%.

The first thing the rheumy who diagnosed my fibro did was refer me to the sleep center. I was surprised because I didn’t really feel unrested and, according to my hubby, I didn’t so much snore as make cute little snuffling noises. But the study showed I had moderate apnea, I’ve been on the Cpap for almost 5 years and I’d never want to sleep without it. It has made a huge difference in my quality of life.

A little different with the thyroid. My doctor checked thyroid levels a couple of times when we were still searching for the answers. But when my fibro was diagnosed she stopped checking except at well woman visits and I only had those every three years. So I had one in 2016 and it was fine, then I had one in January 2019 and it was hyper. Went to endocrinologist and he diagnosed Graves disease. By February I’d had radioiodine treatment. I’m now on thyroid hormone therapy. And while I know I’ll never get back to my pre-fibro self, I’m feeling better than I have in a while.

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I worked long and hard to get my sleep combo after the FM dx in 1999, and I can honestly say I get a restorative good 10 hrs sleep nightly. I will post my “Elusive Sleep” combo in a day or so. Getting familiar with this forum.

I sleep 8-10 hrs of great REM dreamy sleep. I have a combo and will post it IF anyone is interested…otherwise I won’t waste my energy.