Sjogren's Syndrome, it's more than dry eyes and dry mouth, and difficulty swallowing!

If you have been diagnosed with or believe there is a possibility that you may have Sjogren's please join us on the Ben's Friend's Sjogren's Support Site.

It also causes swallowing problems, eh? Hmmmmmmmmm...better see if my meds doing this, first. But i've got the dry eyes. Dry mouth is due to the meds. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Thank you, SK. I'm going to look it up again and see the symptoms.

Hey SK

See you there.

Well, lookie here, three of my girlfriends!

Petunia, it was SO GOOD to hear from you! PB, how are you? What a happy sight to see you too! And lovett, thanks, genuine flattery goes a long way!

We have some great mods here! Big thanks to ALL of our fibro mods!

Hope none of you suffer this, but it's worth discussing your concerns about it with your Physician!

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