This is completely and totally the fault of GramyBear, Seenie and JayCS! Once you started the tree riddle, my mind went berserk! For your reading pleasure (and I use that word lightly), here we go! (I expect lots of moans and groans!!!)

Why did the orange peel himself to join Ben’s friends?
He had to squeeeeeeze himself in!

How did the piece of candy join Ben’s friends?
It asked very sweetly

How did the piano student join Ben’s friends?
Lots & lots of practice

How did the magician join Ben’s friends?
He will never tell!

How did the tight rope walker join Ben’s friends?
Very carefully!

Why did the poopy baby join Ben’s friends?
He needed a change

How did the T-Rex join Ben’s friends?
(Would you say “No” to a T-Rex?)

Who told the pony about Ben’s friends?
It was his neigh-bor

How did the sugary, over-brewed, coffee join Ben’s friends?
It’s a bittersweet story

How did the 3 blind mice join Ben’s friends?
It’s quite the dicey tail.

How did the piece of wood join Ben’s friends?
It became a post

How did the cat join Ben’s friends?
Purr-fectly, of course!

How did the sloth join Ben’s friends? (You got it!)
very very very very very s l o w l y

Why didn’t the old piece of cloth join Ben’s friends?
It was too a-frayed.

Can a four leaf clover join Ben’s friends?
With a little luck!

How does a horse join Ben’s friends?
It takes a bit…

Why was Polly, the Parrot, just fine when Ben’s friends turned her away?
She really just wanted a cracker.

Why was Miss Cow allowed to join Ben’s friends?
Because she was like no udder!

How does a very silly lady join Ben’s friends?
That’s easy! I’m already here! :upside_down_face:


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Moan!!! Why are you trying to BEN d my ear? Is this reali STICK? I’m trying to find out the ROOT of your problem A.M. :thinking: WOOD it be better if you WOOD just LEAF us alone? I continue to PINE over your jokes. When you think of these jokes, do you start from the GROUND up? I think it WOOD also help if you SPRUCED things up. You are not going to be able to TRUNCATE this issue. FIR the future, you might consider BRANCHING out instead of leaving all of us on a LIMB. Yours truly, Freedom :evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::leaves::herb::maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:


Oh, I almost forgot to LOG out!!!:joy::rofl:

Oh no, Freedom, my dear friend! I fear that you have been infected with the same unfortunate virus I caught from Seenie, JayCS and GramyB! Don’t fret too much over it - Your brain will continue to be infected for around 24 hours…give or take. At which time bees will buzz from your ears and vines will grow from your toes. Then you’ll know it has passed. :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :crazy_face:

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Oh, thank you AussieMom! I was very corn serned.:corn: Before it gets worse, I butter go.:butter:. Didn’t you say you were from Oak La Homa?
Your friend, Freedom

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I YAM! :potato: I YAM! :potato:
Bee :honeybee: patient :face_with_head_bandage: - this silly infection takes a while to LEAF :leafy_green:

PS We are dorks hahahaha

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Takes one to know one!:rofl::joy: