SI joint / back pain / pregnancy

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask for help as I have really severe SI / lower back pain that is getting worse and worse as I’m going through pregnancy. I can hardly walk sometimes and get stuck when sitting or lying down and cannot move due to pain. It’s quite awful and need help to change position a lot which is quite worrying if I was on my own.

Each week it gets worse and worried about going through labour. It’s my first child so it’s all new to me.

Any advice? So hard without Meds too!
Baths are getting increasingly difficult too and my only form of therapy especially with the cold weather getting colder by the day.

What has been your experience of SI joint pain and/or pregnancy with the fibro? Not much fun either I bet!

Jo I do not have an answer I just wanted you to no it is good to here from you and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

Aw thank you. That’s nice to hear anyway. Everything else is great considering, just this beeping pain! Lol! I hope you are well and thanks for your kindness

Hello Jo

When I saw your face and your name I realised that we haven't heard from you in awhile. Good to hear from you. Hopefully someone has some suggestions for you because I do not. I just wanted you to know that you were missed and I'm glad to hear from you.

Hi Jo,

Any chance you could use a pain rub? I use OTC Sportscreme, and it really does help, even the SI joints!

You may want to print out the ingredients and ask your Doc about using it!

Yes, it is really good to hear from you! Hope that you can get through the winter easily! Don't be a stranger, girl! We all love you!

Wishing you well,


Hi Jo,

My SI joint gets severe every so often. Those gel ice packs help the inflammation, and a chiropractor also helped me, but now fibro has made me so oversensitive to everything, that I no longer want to get jerked and cracked by a chiropractor, so next time I am going to a chiropractor that uses a wand that is connected to a computer, and it scans your spine and tells exactly which vertebra is out of place, and how much, then the wand is gently pushed against that disk and the perfect amount of pressure is put on it to move it to the right position of alignment. You can see how it works here. If my SI problem comes back, I'm also going to try acupuncture. Having it while pregnant is sure hard. It happened to me and I was often unable to move or my leg would give out on me. Chiropractic and ice are safe during pregnancy. I hope you can get your back adjusted so you won't be in pain anymore.


Hi Jo,

It's nice to see you again, although I wish your pregnancy wasn't causing you pain.

Jo, I like using SalonPas patches. I apply several directly to the area and they help to ease my pain. An ice pack is the other thing to help. I wish I had a better remedy for you, kid, but the only other suggestions I have would be cortisone shots and radio ablation, neither of which is probably advisable for a pregnant woman.

How far along are you? Do you have a name picked out yet? Please, I hope not "Fibro" or "SI!"

But seriously, I hope you can find some relief. You might want to consider getting one of those donuts that people with hemorroids sit upon, as it might take the weight off of your SI joint.

I hope all goes well and you have your sweet one fairly soon.

Hugs and blessings,


Hey SK!

I can’t use any gels with painkiller in with pregnancy or heat packs as so close to baby. Making me wanna cry like one too! Lol

I’ll ask midwife about special belt but my OT says you can’t use them at night when it kills the most. I have to wake Simon up to roll me over like a beached whale hahaha! Bit worrying being that bad isn’t it?! Else I’m stuck.

Ah well, it could be couldnt it. Bless my mother. She’s got to go on oxygen for 15 hours a day now for emphysema. I’ll think of her when I have my own problems.

Thanks again SK! You’re such a good girl

Thanks Sheila,

I was wondering about a chiropractor. Maybe my doc will refer me to one as I haven’t the funds to go private. Like you I couldn’t bear any cracking etc lol so hopefully there will be a more gentle approach like you mention. It’s definitely worth a go! And should only be this bad whilst pregnant.

Hi Rachel,

I do dip in and out a bit and haven’t seen you for a while when I’ve been on either. Thanks for the input. Things change so fast on here don’t they?!

Have a great day and look forward to your posts.

Hi Petunia!

How are you? I’m 24 weeks pregnant today. No names yet, but a few we like. Defo not fibro or SI lol you’re so funny! Maybe Karma tho! No one would upset you if that was your name lol. Nor would you want to be too naughty yourself haha!!

I hope you’re keeping well. I remember you say about your SI joints giving you a lot of trouble so I knew you’d be helpful. Thanks again!

Love and hugs,


The pain is normal with pregnancy, I went through my first with the knee injuries that started me on the path of pain @ 18..Do alot of hot compresses, they will help in place of the bath. when the baby is born, in that beautiful moment ALL pain goes away, it is the coolest thing you will ever do. I have 2 who are now both adults.

Labor pain is going to be different, it is not the "WORST Pain" you will ever experience either. Raspberry Leaf Tea helps with labor and delivery. I drank it with both pregnancies and my hospital times were 4hr with the first and 45 min with the second.

you need to lighty stretch, I know it sounds horrible, but it helps. are you doing lamaze? yoga? these people are helpful in helping you with some little things to assist in improving in comfort.

There are a lot of Herbal alternatives for sports creams or rubs that have been used for ever. see what you kan find, in small amounts will not harm that baby.

hope that helps

Thanks Angel!

You're very helpful. I have read about the pain during pregnancy but it is getting pretty worrying, but it helps to have this site to get ideas and info and share experiences with others.

I am so excited about it all too and you're positivity enhances it even more.

45 minutes?! You are a very lucky girly! And you don't like to hang around either lol. That's what I'm thinking! Straight in straight out. Defo going to try that tea then!

And thanks for the idea about the herbal cream alternatives. I will be asking down the pharmacists about that as it really sucks to be left with nothing. I love my baths and heat treatment but when I'm in bed or working I need something to take the edge off.

Thank you so much for your response!



Doctors and chiropractors seem to be natural enemies like cats and dogs, so you won't get a referral from a Dr. to a chiro. I hear ya about the funds, darn it. In Alberta Canada its $45 per visit. I had to put it on my credit card.Hoping that pain eases up soon.

Thanks Nic!

I will have to get to docs when I can find time now as typically when I need one I end up getting too much work to get time, or I'm ill. They really should do evening and/or weekend appointments.

The exercise idea sounds good and I will give anything a go right now.

I hope your fibro symptoms aren't too debilitating for you and you are enjoying life to the max.

Thanks again!


Sorry Rachel,

Must have messed up my response. Thanks for your kind words. I have been a bit back and forth but not seen you the last few times I've been around. I hope that you are well and pleased to see you.

Oh that's weird isn't it?! I guess its like asking a psychiatrist to refer you to a clairvoyant lol. Shame you have to use your credit cards. Hopefully you will the lottery very soon instead!


The one thing I am going to tell you is, the Baby is alot more protected than you think.. with my 2nd child, she parked her bratty but right on the tube that runs from your kidney to the bladder...I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, they wanted to do surgery, which my ob was ok with.. I refused, so they put me on tylenol 2s and cipro. she was fine I had to go for ultrasounds every week till I had her. now I am not saying med to the gills, but alittle something here or there will not hurt the baby. As for the Ciro you may be able to get a referral from your midwife if she works with or is a practicing nurse practitioner. It can hurt to ask. I hope you are feeling better today!


Hi Jo,

It's been almost twenty years since my last babe was born but I still remember how my lower back ached! You have my sympathy.There are places where you can go for prenatal massage. I know LaVida Day Spa offers this service. Not sure if there is one near you but they are a chain so maybe. Here's a link to their website:

I have gone to them for regular massage and they were great. The place was very clean and they were super nice and professional. Might be worth a try!

Gentle hugs,