Shut-in Depression - any tips?

Hi, everyone.
I’ve been working from home for the last 3 months, and have left the house only a few times. I have my little dog and husband, but often feel lonely & depressed. This, on top of the fibro pain & anxiety issues, gets to be a little much. The doctor has upped my anxiety meds, and that is helping.
Any tips on how to get through this (other than taking more meds)?
Thank you!

Hi, @VolunteerElana!
Thank you for great suggestion. I have used FaceTime with my son, daughter-in-law and little granddaughter, and it does help- but something great- I’ll be seeing them in person, this weekend, for the first time in 3 months! I’m smiling just thinking about it :blush:

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Well, here is an update- I’ve had a terrible fibro flare and barely got out of bed all weekend. We had to postpone the visit. But, isn’t that the way it goes so often for all of us with this condition?? You look forward to something but then your body has other ideas. I will do my best to count my blessings, because, despite the pain, there are many. Wishing you all a beautiful week.


Hi Annette here sorry you had to cancel your weekend hope you are feeling better and the flare is passing keep thinking positive you will get your weekend.

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You are a sweetheart, Annette78.
Thank you for the kind words. This week is better, but I am easily fatigued. It looks like Coronavirus is still spreading, so it was probably good that I stayed in and rested all weekend.
I am thinking, when I’m up to it, I’ll play the piano a little (provided my hands cooperate!) and maybe try to do some things I used to enjoy. Hopefully, that will help to get me out of this funk. Though, after working at home all day, there is usually not much energy left over.
It helps knowing that others can relate. Have a wonderful day!

Hello glad to hear you have had a better week I am suffering a lot with fatigue too at the moment I wish we could see positive signs of the virus going away but it is depressing when we are hearing of places going into lockdown again when I get depressed at not getting out I listen to my music and sing along Abba music being my favorite .Be kind to yourself. Annette.

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I am so happy to have my little fur baby, Molly. If you have any exercise equipment, that always helps with fatigue, depression and anxiety. My Psychiatrist told me to stay off of any negative social media sites i.e Facebook and to only watch 30 minutes of my local news a day. I’m an Empath so I take and absorb everything even when I know there is nothing I can do. I just couldn’t take the negativity and mean comments to others on FB. Also, watch uplifting movies and shows. I got a prescription for Pure Flix as the movies and programs are all uplifting. Are you able to get out and walk? I don’t have a vehicle due to financial reasons so I walk everywhere and of course, bring my mask with me everywhere. Find an area in your community where there are a lot of wild life which may also help. If I can help at all, please let me know.! Sending you safe hugs.

Thank you. Mentally, I’m feeling much better now. This site has really helped! Welcome to the community, gramybear! It is nice to have another animal lover aboard! (I believe we have several!) :blush:

Thank you so much!! I am definitely an animal lover!! My last fur baby named Anny was a Chihuahua/Pug mix. I got her from the Humane Society in San Diego where I worked when she was 8 weeks old. She passed away 2 years Christmas. I had her for 16 1/2 years. It really hurt my heart. My family finally told me I needed another fur baby to help with my depression. And they were right. I got Mollyann at the Humane Society here in town when she was a year old. That was Christmas Eve! She’s a Jack Russell and just full of it. LOL… When I first met her I looked at her and said, “give me a kiss and I’ll take you home” She did just that!!!

Oh my! A Jack Russell? That sounds about as energetic as my toy Aussie. She will definitely keep you on your toes. Mine herds me around everywhere & constantly begs to pay fetch (We call it “Round it Up”!). The small Aussies have the same herding instincts as the big ones.
I agree that, if you love animals, or need a companion, there is nothing like a fur baby to come to the rescue!

LOL… Molly hops on her hind legs when we first go out for a walk. I told her, ’ you are not a Jack Rabbit, you’re a Jack Russell. One of the tenants in my Mobile Home Park said he wished he could get her on video doing it. It’s actually hilarious to watch her. I think our dogs could actually work for the police department!! Molly has a nose like no other dog I’ve ever had and her hearing is unbelievable! I know they can hear 40 times better than we can but geez!! And she takes FOREVER to pee or do her business. She has to sniff for the longest time!! I think I need to read the “questions and answers” and get support on figuring out this website. I had no idea you replied to my post and not sure how to get messages!! I’m glad I finally saw it!! It’s so hard being new!! LOL

Molly sounds adorable! You should definitely get the hopping on video! :grinning:
I think on your settings you need to make sure you are tracking the posts you answer. Mine have always just done it, and a message shows up in my email in-box when there’s an answer to my post. I’m still pretty new but have learned a lot from the moderators here and from watching the new user videos. Look for new user info. If you have questions, you can click on any of the moderator avatars and message them. I hope I’m saying all this right- it’s kind of late and my brain is fried, lol. Have a wonderful evening! (You’re doing great!)

gramybear…thank you for replying to my posts on washing hands. I am 76 and got fibro when i was 35. I walked into doc, he listened and said You have a disease called fibromyalgia. He said I dont need blood tests, they will all come back normal. This is something we do not know how to treat, so keep me posted and keep your chin up. of course he sent me a bill. Now that i am retired, its much more painful and I cry sometimes. I have used several meds but the side effects make me worse. Something that helps me since meds do not, is I put up 5 bird feeders. 2 suet holders, a jelly holder for orioles, sunflower big round heavy birdbath top, and a flat feeder with finch seed for little birds. i joined a couple of on line bird clubs. That makes me walk outside to clean and refill the feeders PLUS the birdbath. I can see the “action” from the living room window. I also keep count of all the birds I see and send it in once a month. I like western movies, i have no TV but can watch dozens of things on YouTube on laptop. Sometimes I tell myself if I can get all my dishes washed ad floor swept, then in can watch a movie. Try to find an interest to take your mind off your pain. sometimes I sit a cry hard over my pain, then splash cold water on my face, dry, and put lotion on. I joined a Christian dating site because they have forums where people express feelings about politics, sports, kindness, animals, how to deal with family if you have disease. I dont pay, i just use the free features. I am not looking for a date, but i like to read other’ ideas and post my own sometimes. Try some of these ideas. good luck.

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Dear Carolyn,
I am so sorry for your pain but it is truly an inspiration how you continue to push through your day and enjoy things as much as possible. Your bird caring and watching reminded me of my parents and how they loved to watch the birds (and squirrels) in their backyard at the feeder and birdbath.
Thank you for the ideas and the precious memories your story brought to mind today.

I was re-reading some posts, and wanted to tell you that I’m so sorry about the loss of Anny, your little dog you had for 16 1/2 years. I understand that, when you have them for so long, you aren’t just losing a pet - You are losing a family member and companion. How wonderful that you had an instant connection with Mollyann & honored Anny by carrying on her name.
You are an amazing, strong, and loving person, Gramybear. And never forget it! :purple_heart:

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Thank you so much for your kind words! Anny was very special and she was definitely a family member. I took her everywhere and if she couldn’t go, I didn’t go! She loved to go camping and riding in the car, etc… I got her at the Humane Society where I worked when she was 8 weeks old. They are so precious!

I have fought off depression and angst and pain both physical and emotional as far back as I can remember. I have used physical exercise as my most effective remedy. I started with Yoga in the 1970’s and added running. I was a runner until my knees said no. I ran two Marathons 26.2 miles, one at age 50 and again at age 51. Then smaller races.

I continue to do 5k’s but am walking rather than running. So far I have completed well over 100 races and have a book of race bibs to prove it, LOL. I’m 72 now and still have not had knee surgery due to injections of arthrovisc and or it’s equivalent, over the years.

I take Cymbalta and Lyrica along with klonopin for pain. I also use Nuycenta on really bad days. I take Prevacid for reflux and synthroid for low thyroid.

I have a dog, but have lived alone since my second devastating divorce over 15 years ago. The Virus has kept me isolated and struggling to keep ahead of the depression on a daily basis, as I know many of you have had to do.

Best to all of you as we go through this terrible Virus, along with everything else we face, on a daily basis.

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Wow, Mimi3! It is a great example to all of us that you prioritize physical exercise. While my brain knows that I need to stretch often and exercise to keep my arthritic shoulders, back, (and the rest of my body) functioning, my body will often talk me out of it. How true that exercise will also help to lift depression. Thank you so much for this reminder, and thank you for your post!!! :blush: Have a beautiful day!

Good for you on running those races and even walking them! I ran a 1/2 marathon in San Diego approximately 2001 or so . I can’t remember, I still have the bib somewhere with my number on it. I made it until the last 2 miles and then I walked and cried for the rest of the way. But I got to the end. It put my Fibro into a spiral something horrible. But I absolutely love to walk and would love to be able to jog once again. I bought myself a small trampoline as it simulates running without the jarring on our knees, etc. I really enjoyed reading your post about all the races you ran. Good for you!!! You must be extremely proud of what you have accomplished! I am!!!

Hi gramybear! It sounds like we are both avid exercisers. I am proud of my accomplishments, but will be even prouder if I can continue. It’s hard to know what sets my fibro off, other than anxiety. I can feel the pain coming on with added angst.

Being extra tired from all that is required of taking care of myself, home, dog, can also do it. I have a wonderful dog sitter who I use to give me a day and a night off of dog walking. I can get extra rest and accomplish some extra work around my condo.

My knees both need replacing, but I am hoping to keep going til 2022 when I am confident we have Covid under control. I’m getting injections mentioned in my last post, to help pad the knees.

Keep healthy everyone!

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