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Should’ve known!


I knew at 4 a.m. it was going to be a bad fibro day… why am I still suprised and befuddled by increasing pain as I try to rest and sleep?? So… yeah up and out of bed at 4:15 just to stumble into the kitchen for ice packs and pain medication. Merry day after Christmas :roll_eyes:
I knew I was overdoing it on Christmas. My main goal yesterday was to go help serve the Christmas dinner that our local soup kitchen and area churches puts on for those less fortunate. I’m glad I did it… but probably should have called it a day afterwards, gotten home and into the Christmas pj’s and relaxed. But loved ones wanted to get together, and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. So, a festive but overly busy day with too many unhealthy sweets and treats, and here we are.
Shoulda known. Now it’s 8:30 am, I’m exhausted, hurting and useless… seems like I have to give up a day( or several) anytime I have one full day. The option is having “smaller” days, with lots of rest periods… and while I know that it has come to that for me; I still have trouble accepting it. It’s depressing, or it’s anxiety inducing, or both. Smh.
Thanks for letting me vent… I hope everyone here had a peaceful and merry Christmas.


It is hard not to want to do everything. There are days and times when will overdue. I am learning to plan my days, and there are some days I many have several things that I want to do. After looking at them, I may choose to do most or all of them. (I thinking working a soup kitchen is wonderful, and bless you for doing that.) Spending time with people you love on a special day is great and will bring memories for years to come. Knowing that is on your agenda, plan at least one or two down days. Be ready for that day and do things you find relaxing, some watch TV or movies–I like to read, color and use the internet to research ancestors. This will take your mind off the pain and keep your mind relaxed. You know your body best, maybe you know one day will be enough, maybe you need two. Also weather at this time of the year plays a part in it. I live in Colorado and it is cold, that makes me worse and I take that in consideration. Whatever you do, be kind to yourself.


Thank you for your supportive and encouraging words. I like the idea of planning a day or 2 each week for downtime… then if I have a flare maybe I’ll be less frustrated.

Happy New Year :confetti_ball:


I can relate so much! OMG. You are NOT alone and I do find that taking things in shorter stints is best for me too. I am also finding mindful meditation helpful even though it is by no means a cure all. Hang in there.


Funny you should mention meditation, Wendita38… last year I downloaded The Daily Calm, an Apple app for learning meditation and mindfulness. It’s a great app! I need to be better at doing it EVERYDAY, tho.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I know what you mean about crashing after doing too much. I found a doctor, now retired, who taught me o use a transcranial direct current stimulation unit.
For every hour I’m active I have to rest a day and tdcs cuts that in half. It’s like a tens unit, but you put two moist sponge electrodes on your head and run a electrical current, it doesn’t hurt, for 40 minutes. It cuts my down time in half. I hope you can find someone who knows about it, if you’re interested in it. Good luck and good health!


Thanks for explaining that device, Mardi… I’ve not heard of it before; mentioned it to my physical therapist the other day and; big surprise, she hadn’t either. I’m going to do some more research and talk to my doc about it next visit.:slightly_smiling_face:

Today was a very busy, trying and stressful day. What had to be done could not be avoided and was time sensitive so… no choice. Needless to say, I worried as the day wore on what tomorrow would bring. So, I had a light, healthy dinner, and I’m going to practice my meditation while doing a facial. Then some good stretches before bed. Fingers crossed my Saturday won’t be too bad.

Hope your weekend is pain free!:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for replying. I f you tell me where you live I’d be happy to research where you might find the tdcs device. It’s hard to find another who knows about it.

I live in Delaware and went to north Carolina to find out about it.

I hope your Sat was ok. I’m still recovering from a funeral, Xmas and traveling to Kansas city the last two weeks of Dec.

Good health!:grin: