Short Term Disability

So apparently a life threatening condition like sleep apnea is not good enough for short term disability. I was denied because my family doctor said I was functional. I have seen people that are not functional after one night of fitful sleep. How can I be functional after months of never reaching REM sleep.

I have been waiting 6 weeks for a decision, I'm broke. I cant afford to go see another doctor. The medical supply company will not send my CPAP machine and mask without some money, so now I cant get treatment.

I am so sorry you are dealing with this!!! I came upon the same situation about a medical supply store, even tho I had a 'script. I have no suggestions for you, but I understand.

During a flare, have you gone to see your MD? It was an eye opener for my MD (He 'scripted a pain killer & I didn't even feel it going in). When SSI decided to reassess my disability & contacted my MD, he said in no certain terms can she function, SSI dropped the inquirey. M

Well my next option for money is taking a hardship withdraw from my 401k. Did not want to because of the tax penalties but looks like I have no other choice. I just called them up and got a list of things I need to get together for consideration. Nothing is ever easy.