Shingles vaccine?

I went for my wellness visit today, which was actually bittersweet. My doctor of 35 plus years is retiring. He asked me about the shingles vaccine. Because we have a long history of patient/ doctor relationship and working relationship, he knows I’m gonna research this before making a decision.

I know shingles can be cruel and painful. I know this newer shingles vaccine does not contain live virus, but my doctor did say that if I decided to take it, I should do it when I can have days off. It can cause fevers, aches and pains. He told me to not take it before Thanksgiving so I could fully enjoy the holiday with family. (Now you know why I love him so much.)

In my search, I immediately saw this from Dr. Teitelbaum. I don’t see a date on this, so I don’t know if it applies to the old vaccine or any shingles vaccine. I tend to listen to him since he’s been the CFS guru.

Has anyone had it? If so, any side effects or problems?

Well, I took my chances by reaching out to Dr. Teitelbaum. He responded!
He said this post was indeed about the old vaccine, and that he finds the new shingles vaccine to be reasonable. I guess I’ll go ahead and do this after Thanksgiving.

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Thanks so much for sending out this info. I had shingles a few years ago. Oddly, it was just around my ankle! I mean, if you have to get it, the ankle is better than most other places, for sure! I’ve had friends with it covering back and stomach, and my poor son had it on his head and face long ago, causing much pain.
It is good to know that the new vaccine is considered to be safe!

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Oh goodness! I guess you’re right; ankle is probably better than other areas. I’m glad it didn’t spread anywhere else. I’ve had patients and family that were really uncomfortable with it in other areas.
You’d think after 25 years with this silly fibro, I’d be done with my questions. I seem to have more each year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: