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Severe Leg Pain - humidity related?


Quick background - I’ve suspected I have fibro for a while but I got official dx about a month ago. I’ve been doing daily exercise - yoga and water aerobics for the last 2 months which has improved my pain immensely. I also made the drastic change of quitting my 45 hour a week stressful job because I just couldn’t do it anymore and still do the exercise/and all the other appointments. Now I work a low stress part time 10-20 hour a week job.

Anyways - it’s about 95 degrees here right now, just recently this week with HIGH humidity. Out of nowhere my pain also increased. A LOT. Usually my pain is mostly concentrated in my back and neck, very occasionally in my legs. This is severely in my legs. To massage them hurts so badly. I did water aerobics today and the water touching it made me want to cry.

My question is - does this seem humidity related? And if it is - is there anything I can do to help it? It’s so painful, I’ve been in tears every day and don’t know how to make it any better. I do have CBD gummies and have been using them but without much relief.


I am Sorry you are going thru this much Pain. I am not certain if humidity can be a factor, for me it is the barometric pressure. For the past 4wks it has been my lower back & I live in NW Iowa it is either raining or hot & humid. My Chiro told me to use moist heat, so I bought myself a heating pad with the option of moist heat. I use a bathroom hand towel wet it place it where it hurts, then the heating pad, then I use an unopened big garbage bag fit it to the pad or a little larger (this way I am not getting my bed wet), use a wrap around bandage to keep the pad from sliding up or down. The perfect temp for my back is between the medium & the least heat buttons. & then I spend the day or night pushing the heat settings up & down. Love, Light & Peace.


I am very impressed with all the changes you have made. Weather does play a big part in how we feel. The weather here has been in the 90’s with rain most evenings. I try and stay with my routine as much as possible. I hope you are better soon.


I too have been feeling much more pain with this heat although I am trying to do daily things like the housework I am trying to pace myself a bit more but feel so drained and the pains I lay on the floor crying its that bad . I sit outside in the communal garden when the sun has gone down for about an hour or so .the sleep side of things well sleep an hour wake up then try again and again and get nowhere I am starting to look like an old age panda


Ugh, I’m sorry that you’ve been in such pain as well. I just got a muscle roller thingy from Amazon for pretty cheap because I couldn’t manage to massage my legs very well with my hands because I am not very strong. It seems to work pretty well but it doesn’t make things any all that much better. I just hate that the answer may be that I’m just going to be in this much pain due to the weather.


Hi. sadly the hot weather is going to continue for a little longer as the met say I may try sleeping in the fridge lol I will try looking on amazon myself , funny thing is I put a fish tank aside on my amazon account so that I can also get some artificial fish to try and relax me then when I got in there tonight it had vanished typical. I know what you mean about the arms and legs I cannot stand the pain .