Severe abdominal pain

i was at work yesturday and my biggest fear came to life yep like a bad storm came on strong with lil warning contracting stomcah pain spent 45 minutes in bathroom 30 minutes trying to go hoping pain would stop, but of course did not only left me waking funny cuz yes embarrasing as it is to say i blew my butt hole beyond normal it is normal now but anyways these spasms lasted 2 hrs which finally after an hr took a vic came home layed down with heating pad crying in pain.. vic kicked in and stopped the spasms left a mild bruise feeling but when i awaoke this morning went to dr with moderate bruising/tenderness in my ab severe bloating and nasiuse. by tonight i had to take 2 vics 2hrs of heating pad just to be able to move. I dunno what to do i have ct scan 2morrow to see if its ischemic colitis again waiting to poop so they can test for cdiff again ut am thining it was a very bad ibs flare since no bloode or direah today just ill feeling and soar ab. anyways anyone with stomach issues have any ideas. i have not eaten dairy was not stressed till now and have not changed my diet and have had barely any issues with my stomach in months. I am thinking bout stopping at health hut on way home any suggestions on what to try

its hard enough having flares at home but in public around ppl u see daily who dont understand it really stresses you out i hate to say it but i can only imagine the things being said. like shes faking it and shes a drama queen ect. Feeling even more alone than usuall

Dear Victoria,

Forget about them, we care about you! I do not have colitis, but know what taking narcotics do to your bodily functions, that can always be a factor in such distress.

So from Chicken Pox to this, it hasn't been your week! Take your worries and put them in a big strong box and leave them there when you leave work, have one outside of work to put all your other stuff in, so you don't carry too much around at one time.

I'm glad that the Dr is involved and that you will be looked after. Hope you get some solid answers and some lasting relief.

Sending a great big hug,


did not have chicken pox lol but have been on antibiotics for staph infection from mole removal on my butt thats y they r doing cdiff test again, that and my history but there is no bloode so thats why i think the ct scan will be pointless i took the betyl she gave me and usually dont use pain killers for stomach issues but could not take not being able to move anymore. thanks for the big hug and i am trying to stay calm so nothing else flaers its just fusterating ppl i come in contact with dont even try to consider the possibility that its not just a tummy ach that goes away it drains the energy out of you and having you wonder when these flares will hit again

thanks again and yeah they do but even they give me the feeling like i am crazy

Hi Victoria, sounds like a night mare !!! I feel your struggle, as I have had GI issues for a few years now, mostly diverticulitis ( which will show on CT scan ) so I’m glad you are getting that, it can also show blockage, edema… Ect.
I have suffered with continued abd pain even after diverticulitis was cleared up, I think all the antibiotics messed up my whole bowel. Check out “Leaky Gut” being on antibiotics can cause the yeast in our gut to take over… And watch out… No fun !!!
I have been able to manage my pain with probiotics, and acidophilus, and diet, if I eat to much gluten my pain comes back, and I don’t have celiac disease, but the spasms in the gut are painful, they can also Be managed with antispasmodic meds, I got them from my GI dr.
I think anyone on antibiotics should take probiotics, check with your dr. Maybe some of these things can help
I wouldn’t pay any attention to what they think, they don’t know what you go through !!! Your not crazy !
Hugs & blessings

Hi Victoria,

I don't have abdominal/gut issues but I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you went through that! And like you say, when it's out in public, it's embarrassing/no fun. But you know what? You're sick with a whale of an illness (fibro,) and it can really make our bodies "spin," so to speak. In other words, there are times when we just aren't in control of what happens, due to the fibro. Might be a bad bout of diarrhea, might be taking a fall, might be walking around in a fog, but whatever it is, it isn't our fault. We just deal with it, with as much grace as we can muster. (And sometimes that can be a right pain!)

I think that Dee's advice is very sound. I hope your CT scan sheds some insight on what's going on with you. Bowel issues are some of the most unpleasant of all, so I hope you can get an idea of what it is and what to do about it. And again, it's not our fault or doing, it's this darned fibro.

Please keep us apprised of what the result of your CT scan is. And we'll be here to help you when you get the results.

Gentle hugs from a very tired

Petunia Girl

I have had issues for years. Yes probitics are awesome. Also very helpful take a senna laxative every night. It’s not rough on your stomach. And if you have a day like that mirilax every 20 minutes. My dr says you cannot OD on mirilax. Keep drinking it and it will slide right out and be over with. But probiotics and senna daily, you shouldn’t run into those problems. Just keep in mind pain pills constipate and muscle relaxers, well your intestines. They are muscles. Ask your doctor about fentanyl patches. Provide hourly medicine dispersal. And you don’t have the complications like this from codiene.

Hi Victoria, Sorry about hearing what is going on with you...just about a month ago I went for a colonoscopy and found out I needed an endoscopy as well, To look further into my stomach, I have a few issues there, but I was having alot of abdominal pain as well, also had bleeding while having runs, which last anywhere from 2 to 3 days. They did say I had micro colitis, my mom was diagnosed with colitis around 3 years ago. And I was told it was hereditary.As far as the stomach issues I was told that it was inflamed and I had blockage in my esophagus, the food from my stomach comes back up on me, and it did cause me to have acid reflux. Please sweetie get all these test done I waited to long I bleed and had the runs for 7 months with pain and didn't tell anyone. And please don't listen to those who think your faking or drama queen, keep away from them. Get yourself check, this is what I have not meaning its what you have, but now I am suffering with that along with Fybro as well along with other things in my life. I wish you the best sweetie..and I will have you in my prayers, Big Hugs


Taking laxatives, probiotics, even meds, are best taken with a hot drink, like tea, I find.

Due to lack of gall bladder, and loss of digestive enzymes with age, I also was given Spectrazyme by my chiropractor to help me to break down my food, these are also best taken with a hot drink.

well ct scan did come back severly backed up so drinking magnisium citrate now last time i did that i still did not go so we shall see how this works been drinking water all day too. i am going on a soup and water diet for the weekend try and help the process. cynthia i had ischemic colitis sound like what you r describing with inflamed stomach and bleeding with runs that happend to me 2 yrs ago and this is how this episode felt like except at least the contractions stopped after 2hrs and there was no bloode that why constipation this time did not even make sense to me cuz i did go to the bathroom actually have been going more than what is typical for me but since the sever spasming and what came out i am unable to go and my lower ab hurts like there is a jagged edge rock and its flarng up my ic cuz i am peeing more and it hurts to pee like i have to push to pee now too. I used to use miralax. i told my pcp the other day my gerd was getting worse asked for another script of nexium but she did not call it in she just ordered the ct scan and had her assitant call me with results today a work excuse and script for tramadol magnisum and said if i dont go by monday to call and make appointment or go to er.

ty for your replys and to everyone i wish we did not suffer because by joining this group it has made me relize it really does seem like the ppl with heart get shafted by health while those who r ugly hearted get amuzment and something to talk about

well half way through and instead of going to the bathroom i am getting more nausiouse like i am gonna throw up and my ab pain is flaring bad so if i dont go and start vomiting or this pain continues to grow the er is gonna have fun seeing my butt

I hope that you are feeling better, Victoria!