Service Dogs

Hi everyone, I was just wondering how many of you have service dogs? I have balance problems and have fallen quite a bit. I have been told that they have service dogs for Fibromyalgia for this kind of problem. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get one, what the procedure is and maybe a website would be helpful. Thanks, Leanne


This is a great idea and one that I'm going to look into myself. Let me see if I can find info on the web and I;ll get back to you if I can.

here's an article about what a service dog can do for you:

And here's one about requirements for getting one. It also tells where to inquire to get one:

To find a dog trainer in your area visit The American Dog Trainers Network that lists dog trainers by state.

Thank you, so much for finding this. I have fallen three times because of poor balance. When my hubby is here I don’t worry so much, but he has to travel for his job and I think this could help me. Thank you again. Hugs, Leanne

Oh Leanne, I do understand! I think this is an excellent idea! I can only imagine the peace of mind it will bring you. And a nice doggie too!

Please keep us updated on this!

Here is link to Canine Companions who do great work with Service Dogs...they are asking people to sign a pledge to stop Service Dog Fraud.

It is becoming a very serious problem especially for those who have legit Service Dogs. Anger is being directed at them because of people claiming their pet dog is a service dog. So customers are being abused by dogs who are not socialized nor trained to be a working Service Dog. Some have relieved themselves not even housebroken!!

Please sign this pledge or take the time to watch video or read about it. Feel free to contact them if you have questions about it too. thank you