Anyone take seroquel? My dr just prescribed it to help me sleep.

I do, been on it when needed and it helps

I am taking it for anxiety. It puts me to sleep really fast. But if I miss a dose (only 1 per night) by 12 hours I get a really bad headache that won’t go away until I take my pill. Hope it works for you :smile:

I tried and almost died… could not breathe, chest pain, my legs, and arms got swollen and extremely heavy. I changed because of Lunesta is not working… but I went back to lunesta 3mg… higher dose

I took Seroquel for many years. I discontinued it because eventually I got a dramatic tremor in my hands from it and it was difficult to function. When I stopped taking it, the tremor disappeared but I still have involuntary abdominal movements. Luckily, they are so small that only I notice them (as far as I know). I believe Seroquel is toxic for the brain and I would not recommend taking it indefinitely. It did make it really easy to sleep, though. I could fall back asleep immediately at any time during the night.