Sensory Question - Slightly Freaked Out

I am slightly freaking out. Over the past year I have had new symptoms come up which of course is common with Fibro. I have been having a number of eye tests for a few months as I have some reception issue with my left eye that comes and goes. In addition I've had some neurological issues (my MD was thinking Neuropathy). I have been keeping a detailed symptom diary and sleep diary for the past 2 weeks which I emailed to my doctor last night. This afternoon my eye doctor called me (not the office assistant but her) as she was reviewing the results of a repeat test I had a few weeks ago. She also got the symptom diary from my MD (one benefit to having a managed healthcare plan is the technology connects all the doctors). She starts asking me a couple of questions and then asks if there is a family history of MS (no). She says "I don't want to worry you (ok I was already worried because always the office or medical assistant is the one to call) but I want you to get an MRI stat." And then she did say which felt really validating, "your symptoms are real, they are very real." Nice to have a doctor say that. So now I have the MRI on Friday morning. Aside from what the results might show I am slightly panicked over the test itself. I had a couple many years ago and I know they are noisy. I have been really sensitive to noise lately to where it is causing pain at times. I hope the test doesn't set me off on a bad flare. Any tips on how to handle this? Thanks.

My old doctor did scans on me years ago determined it was MS . And now the new doc is on that track . Take ear plugs with no metal the squishy kind and put those in your ears . They also gave me headphones with music playing so between the two the sound wasn't bad .

hi Auburn. I agree with Suzanne about the earplugs. I recently had a brain MRI and my neuro sent me to ' stand up' mri. I think i sat in some chair and i dont remember the noise being too bad. i did however take a dose of ativan and i got through it ok. I am not good with noises either and i am claustrophobic. so this worked out good for me. i hope you get through without too much upset.. i send you BIG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGs


Just wondering what was going on with your eyes? About 4 years ago I started having (what my Mother said was ) optical migraines. Floaters (I describe these things as if you were watching a Batman cartoon from my day and the words came up in those jagged shapes (without the words)...these would float in my line of vision and impair my sight if I tried to focus in on any one thing...I just could not see. It would float through my entire line of sight as if going through both eyes. Not too long after that started I noticed a change in my perfect 20/20 I wear glasses ...well I am prescribed glasses but do not wear them... but was told I did not have to wear them all the time anyways... I am not sure if this is related or just a sign of getting old... bifocals and near sighted in one eye. I mentioned the floaters to my eye doctor but nothing came of that... I have not had any floaters in about 2 years now. Just never understood why that was happening.

Now my eyes keep getting blurry with or without my glasses on... and they stay irritated...watery ect. I am using eye drops prescribed by my rheumy he thinks it is allergies. But who knows... My eye Dr. says blocked oil glans. take fish oil... I have been and no help just yet...One more thing... in April I started having a twitch above my left eye... then my whole body went to twitching in various places... the eye twitch lasted well over a month and even started twitching below my eye into my face...Then came the Neurotin...most all my twitching just some mild shaking .

Anyways I was just wondering... Because before I got the diagnoses of Fibro I was thinking I had of those things we do grasping at straws to figure out what is wrong ...

I have worn glasses / contacts since I was 9 (I am 42). Last year I started having trouble with my left eye. It won't focus at times, mainly when reading, and it seemed like I couldn't process the words or images. Like something wasn't connecting between my brain and eye. I went to the eye doctor last summer and they couldn't get my left eye corrected to 20/20. At best they got 20/30. I had follow up appt this spring and now it is 20/40 corrected. So I was sent to a specialist and have had an eye ultrasound, 2 eye tests I can't remember what they were, an electronic scan of both eyes, and 2 visual field tests. The scan of the left eye showed deterioration but they think it could be because I am really near sighted for years now. It is the visual field tests that they are concerned about. According to my eye doctor yesterday both tests show some "black spaces" on the lower right side of both eyes. She said the results are consistent on both scans. So along with the Neuro stuff I have been experiencing and some incontinence issues I have had for a year there are warning signs for MS.

When they thot I had MS they first gave me a spinal tap. (do not allow a spinal tap unless it is absolutely needed)

MRI,(wear no jewelry, underwire bra, blue jeans, anything that has metal) wear a tshirt & sweats. I am usu given soft ear plugs but I guess bringing your own wouldn't hurt. (since you have to be completely relaxed) I usu fall asleep & dream of playing whack a mole. If you get nervous ask your MD to script you 1 valiume & take it 30min before your MRI. I had one tech so surprised that it only took 30min to get the MRI done, he thot he'd be working thru his lunch - again. M

I survived the MRI. I did have a reaction to the dye they injected and I nearly passed out. Luckily the tech was great and was able to help me. She had to get the "smelling salts" (I am sure there is another name now for it). The injection site was burning so she got ice packs for it and for my neck which helped. But I got thru it and now just wait for results. I asked and she said the results should be sent to my doctor by Monday. So now I am trying to relax as I am still a little light headed. I am drinking water to try to flush the dye out. And will enjoy a nice weekend with my daughter and try not to worry.

I keep my eyes closed the whole time and think about the gulf and dolphins and the sound of waves. I ask them not to speak to me so I can focus because if I don't focus my claustrophobia will overtake me and I will be ripping my way out of there. Just stay relaxed. They will also help you feel comfortable and relaxed.