Sensitive skin hurts: Have you ever had this happen to you?

Yesterday, I woke up to the worst pain I've ever had. My back is hurting so bad I have been crying and my skin is so sensitive it hurts for my clothes to brush against it. My ribs are also hurting terribly, I went to a different doc yesterday, and he said it was fibro. Thankfully, the new doc is sending me to a rhuemotologist. He prescribed me Soma. I took it, but didn't notice I had taken anything. He gave it to me to help with sleep. I still woke up last night anyway, Has anyone had the kind of pain and sensitivity I described? And why did this happen bc it has never happened before?

yes...and i have no idea why

my skin is often sensitive. sometimes it hurts like I have been wearing sandpaper all day.

My skin has been giving me issues since I have had fibro. Lately it hasn't been tolerating anything- not the cold, not remotely scratchy or tight clothes. It feels fragile and sometimes sunburnt! I was told on here that it is probably winter-related and/or hormonally-related. I am seeing that from this board that fibro may affect everyone differently. I think it's all of the above somehow. Anyhow, I made an appt. with my rheum. andI'll be curious to hear his opinion.

Cotton is best for me, so I guess my silver lining is that I have no more drycleaning bill! :)

Good! Finally a Rheumatologist!!! YIPPEE!!! Susan, I feel a good Rheum is our best hope, I really do! It may take a while for your first visit, but I'm so glad he is sending you.

Yes, I know all about this pain and sensitivity, most of us do!

Hold on, help is on the way!

Hi Susan - absolutely, I have had sensitive skin when I am hurting! I am just miserable and I don't know what I can do to make myself feel better! I am happy though, that you will see the other doctor soon - and hopefully he can get you on the road to feeling better. I know what you go through - especially with back pain. It's awful - isn't it?? Know that I am thinking about you. Love, Laurie

Susan, Good for you for seeing a new doc and so glad to know that you'll be seeing a rheumatologist.

I get the rib pain. And i also get a horrible back ache. In my case, some of it was due to arthritis, and radio abulation was done to burn the nerves. It helps to get rid of some of the pain, short term. I have no idea if it would help you or not and i had to try cortisone shots first.

I haven't had the painful skin but know others with fibro have suffered it.

I hope the Soma kicks in tonight and helps you out. If not, call him up and let him know. Maybe he can give you something else. I take Nortryptiline along with Lyrica and it helps me sleep.

Why did this happen? Gosh, Susan, I wish I could answer you beyond saying that this is how fibro attacks us. Mine came on instantaneously once I had a minor gym misstep. And it was horrendous, from then on. It's a terrible illness.

So your doc didn't feel that anything else was going on with you beyond fibro? Again, well it's a terrible illness.

Oh, yes, I have the skin sensitivity. I live in yoga pants and soft knit shirts. Anything more and I can't stand it!

I am glad you are going to see a rheumatologist. Any meds will take time to take effect. I have a lot of sleep issues, and there is a lot they can do for it. They also have many options for fibro in general.

Once they get the meds set correctly for you, it will be time to learn more about fibro - how to pace your activities avoid pain wind-up, etc. You will find there is a lot you can also do on your end.

I can't work or plan things ahead of time, but I do find moments of joy in between the flares. Take heart, this will reach a point where it allows bits of joy.

Meanwhile, soft clothes, soft blankets and gentle meditative breathing will help. If a med doesn't work, tell your rheumatologist so he can adjust it.

Hugs and comfort to you!