Sensation of Wet Feet

I've been having this strange "sensation" that my feet are wet. It's mainly been happening in my left foot, but sometimes it affects my right one as well. Is this common for Fibro?

Sometimes my foot feels like there is ice being held to the heel of it. I'm not sure if that's the same as what you're feeling or not. However, fibro does involve the nerves, and their involvement results in: restless leg syndrome, (which feels like you have to move your leg repetitively;) having what feels like ant bites; itching where there is no real "solution' to the itch and by that, i mean, you can itch it but it never feels like you've got to the place of the itch. I am not sure but I think having the sensation of being wet is also part of it.

I would, however, make your doctor aware of this and see if they want to do any testing.

Thank you Petunia Girl. I have it added to my list of questions for my physical therapist today. I also see my doctor next Monday and will talk to him about it as well. Having other strange body sensations, this is a new one for me. Trying not to blame Fibro for everything but I can see how it's all related to the nerves.

My PT thinks it could be because of all the muscle spasms I've been having in my back. She also think that it might be a trigger point because of the chronic myofascial pain. But she admitted that it could be related to something else completely as well. I saw my doctor Monday and he's referring me to a pain specialist.

The thing is, fibro seems to be progressive and we develop many odd symptoms. I still don't know but please let us know what you find out, okay, Bast? I'm truly curious now myself.

Ok, I think she might be right because I've notice that I feel pain, itchiness and the ice cold heel feeling all from the same area (nerve?) in my heel. BUT I'm not sure.

Bast, do you ever get feelings in your legs like the muscles are very tight, almost like the skin is too small for the rest of the leg? Do you get a painful feeling in your chest like you're being hugged very, very hard? Does one of your feet drop or drag when you walk? Do you have the drawn up leg often? Does your rib pain feel like someone wrapped a belt or corset around your middle and is pulling on the belt, tightening it?

Petunia Girl, the only thing I can say yes to is the drawn up leg. We get my right leg straightened out and then two days later it's drawn back up again.

I always read on various sites where it's not progressive but then hear a lot of people who actually have Fibro say that it is. I know everyone's different but it might be beneficial for someone to maybe break fibro down into different groups, like Fibro 1, Fibro 2 or Fibro and Progressive Fibro. Kind of like what they have for MS.

It's not about separating the community but I know a lady that swears by lyrica and it's helped her so much that she's hardly ever in pain. Lyrica did nothing for me. People tend to think that if the meds and exercise worked for one person, it should work for everyone with Fibro. If it doesn't work, then you're accused of lying. It's frustrating.