Seenie from ModSupport needs a hand!

Ben, TJ and I are working on a project to collect short video “sound bites” from some of our members. We’ve tried before, but never in this way, so it’s an experiment. We need your help. Yes, YOU, reading this right now!

If you have a vague idea of how to “Facetime” or “Zoom” that’s all the technical skill you need: we’ll set something up for a day and time that works for both of us, and I’ll send you a link to click on.

At the appointed hour, you’ll make sure your camera and microphone are working, and click on the link. I’ll be there (with any luck), and we will talk. That’s all.

During our Zoom visit, I’ll ask you about how you found Ben’s Friends, what being part of a community has been like for you, what Ben’s Friends has meant in your life, and anything else that comes to mind. Just a friendly Zoom visit, but it will be recorded.

I’m hoping to do 4 or 5 of these member visits in the next week or so. Our professional video editor will then put bits and pieces of several of these chats together for a video about our members. He promises to use only the best parts of each zoom visit.

Willing to give this a go and video chat with me for a few minutes? Just reply to this thread and I’ll contact you by private message or email.

C’mon … you can do it!


Hi, I would be interested with zoom. Not very good though with technical things and will need a lot of help!!! My church does zoom meetings for coffee and chat after the live service, which I see on YouTube. Sometimes I can get on it and other times I am unable to. I was told on Sundays a lot of people use zoom at the same time and this could be the reason why I do not always manage to get on it.

Hi Seenie! I’d be happy to participate if you still need people. Freedom

Hi Seenie - did anything come of this btw? Or is that or anything similar still in the pipeline?
I just stumbled over the thread again, particularly as I would like to support you, to return a bit of what you all do and make possible for us… :wink:
First time round I hesitated cos I misread you’d use the video chat itself, now I see you said audio snips, which wd be less of a problem for me… (no problem in talking per video).

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You people are great. Thanks for remembering and asking!

We tried a number of ways of doing this, and all were cumbersome and full of problems for anyone not fairly comfortable with making video recordings of themselves.

We’ve been back and forth to the drawing board, trying different software and new instructions and and … we think we’ve got something that may work!

Right now we are testing it out on our moderators. The next group is members. We think it’s going to work! OK, we HOPE it’s going to work, because we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for following up, JayCS!


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Hello! Glad you mentioned something JayCS. I volunteered and then I don’t know what happened. I want to think I was in a constant flair and in bed??? When the time comes that you need volunteers, count me in. :smiley:

Freedom and JC, we are now testing our system on a couple of our mods who are a bit less confident with technology. I figure we’ll be approaching you fairly soon for a few recorded words.

JayCS, because you are one of our tech mavens, it may be sooner than later. Mind if I give your email address to our Ben’s Friends writer so she can contact you? Are you OK with that too, Freedom?

We’re counting you in!


No problem at all, Seenie! :slight_smile:
… Learnt another new word already… :upside_down_face:

That would be fine with me. :+1:t3: :smiley:Will the email say it’s from Ben’s Friends?

Will do! Thanks. I’ll remind our writer to put Ben’s Friends in the subject line.