See the goodcausetv interview with Scott Orn - Co-Founder of Ben's Friends, the organization that runs this network and sets up patient support groups to help and support patients diagnosed with rare illnesses is being featured at goodcausetv. Ben's Friends now with 35 different patient support groups and counting, is providing a global network of care and support for people around the world who otherwise may never have the chance to meet or talk to another person who is suffering from a similar condition to their own.

Watch the interview with our very own Scott Orn, Bensfriends Co-founder by clicking the link below:

Great interview Scott! Thank's Ben and Scott for all that your doing to help patients with rare diseases! Since joining LWF a few months ago it has changed my life for the better...It's a good feeling to know I'm not alone and also an awesome feeling to support one another with our every day challenges.

I am happy to hear your doing well Ben and best wishes in your studies in medicine! You are going to make one awesome doctor!

Warmest regards,

Sue (Dreamcatcher)

very proud of all of our work!

Dear Scott,

I have to tell you that this is the very best, most informative, explanation of Ben's Friends to date! Your good heart and warm personality came shining through here, and should bring people in by the droves! It will also make the ones already connected to us very proud to be a member, or moderator!

Well done, my friend!


I loved it !!!

Scott great job ! You answered every question so perfect… Managing to not leave anything out :slight_smile:
I was all smiles through the whole thing, and how exciting that Ben is at Baylor… WOW !
I hope everyone watches it, shares it, & spreads the news so Bens Friends can continue to reach the many that suffer with rare diseases…
Great Job & I’m so proud & feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group :slight_smile:

dee B

Amazing interview, Scott! Such a great explanation of the cause and the heart behind it. You really got across the community aspect of caring and support that happens here. All 45,000 to 80,000 of us are proud to be a part. It is so good to hear the history of how this all started. You are two very special and selfless people.

I'm keeping the link and watching it over and over. You and Ben have renewed my faith in the human race.

Congratulations to you, Ben. Best wishes with your education. Baylor is lucky to have you! I can't imagine where you will go from here.


Great job! Thanks for all you do for us.

Dear Ben,

You are a phenomenon! Congrats on your medical endeavors, we would ALL like for someone as compassionate and brilliant as you to be our Physician!

This is the best PR so far!


Wishing you well,


What a wonderful, informative session of what all the sites do and how they help us. All members should listen to the enthusiasm that Scott has for all the sites. He and Ben are our heroes who are getting the word out. We can’t thank you enough for your tenacity and integrity on our behalf! Thank you so much.

Hello Scott

I just listened to your interview on Good Cause TV. It was a great interview for sure. I learned a lot about the umbrella of Bensfriends, how it was started, how it works, what is being worked on for the near future and how it has mushroomed in a mere five years.

Many kudos to you and Ben for starting this most important and needed website.

The more requests you get for interviews the better because it spreads the good news about these rare diseases, that it is possible to learn to live with whatever rare disease you may be dealing with.

Though we are not doctors what we posses that doctors do not is EXPERIENCE and we learn from one another through our experience.

Gentle hugs