Scientists find the source of fibromyalgia pain

Here is a very interesting article you should read

Mike x

This is a major breakthrough in understanding Fibromyalgia!

All of this considered on a personal level, using the palms of hands and the feet, now add Rayanud's Phenomenon

to this, and then arthritis, and imagine what cold does to me! I have also always perspired more in the winter than in the summer, so yet another way that I'm haywire! In winter at any given time, my socks are soaked. I have spoken with hunters and those who do extensive winter sports, trying to find the right socks and shoes, all to no avail.

Now imagine, even with all of this excess moisture, that I also have Sjogren's Syndrome, which causes the eyes, nose, and all vital organs to be dry, and you have yet another layer of contradictions, and factors far from the norm!

Awesome, yet strange article. Don’t understand why there’s a contradictory statement in the article. Makes one doubt, yet I know that my hands and feet are the worse pain at the beginning and end of day. My hands and feet have always been cold, even in hot weather. Just hoping they continue the research and it’ll all come together for everyone. Great find, Mike. Going to send the link to my pain management doc and maybe she’ll learn something! Keep on keeping on!

Wow, Thanks for sharing that, Mike. My hands look strange and I have problems with heat, so I'm wondering if this could be related. A lot of EDS patients have fibro issues so I'm wondering about other people I know. Hmmm

Interesting article. I am very very sensitive to cold--cold-natured--yet I can't stand the heat. Yet if ai am really tired I can be shivering with cold sitting in the sun on a 98 degree day!

I don't have discoloration in my hands, but they sure hurt!! Of course, I have had arthritis in them since I was 20, so...

Thanks for posting!

Kimberly :)

Wow, spectacular article, Mike! Thank you for posting this! I hope this is the start of a series of discoveries about fibro, and mostly, a cure, if that's possible, or else a way to manage it and the pain. This is very exciting news! But who would guess that our HANDS regulate our body's blood flow, and this malfunction causes fibro? So if this is so, wouldn't it be possible to medically relegate the opening and closing of these capillaries? Sounds promising!

Sandi, what was the contradictory statement in the article? I'm very curious to know.

"Dutch researchers reported a study earlier this month contradicting these findings, saying that weather conditions do not affect fibromyalgia pain or fatigue.

“Our analyses provide more evidence against, than in support of, the daily influence of weather on fibromyalgia pain and fatigue,” said Ercolie Bossema, Ph.D. from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. “This study is the first to investigate the impact of weather on fibromyalgia symptoms in a large cohort, and our findings show no association between specific fibromyalgia patient characteristics and weather sensitivity.”

I quoted it below.

Wow, Mike, this is an important study for we people who suffer with fibromyalgia!

Thanks for posting this so we could all read it and be better informed. I am printing a copy of it and will show it to my doctor on my next appointment.


Good stuff! It makes me happy to know people are working on it!

Yes, Sandi, I read that, but we know better. I don't see how they could say that there is NO link, do you?

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This is very very interesting about the blood flow because about 5 years ago I had a procedure done called veinous closure where the main vein in left leg was cauterized closed because the blood flow was so bad (I have problems with swelling and varicose veins). That same leg is the one that hurts all the time, all the way from my hip to my ankle. I don’t know if its the same concept but it seems to make sense if it is a blood flow issue. Very interesting

OH that makes me so happy. Like to tell a Dr. where he can put his medical opinion


Mike, you really should be knighted for finding and sharing this info! In fact, I'll do it myself:

I hearby do dub thee Sir Mike (gentle touches head with butter knife since no swords around.)

There. Now you are officially nobility! You surely deserve it more than Mick Jagger or Elton John. Or even (cough cough) Paul McCartney, (runs and hides from any crazed Beatle fans.)

Sorry, I don’t buy it. Pain deep in the muscles and joints, albeit in the skin too. Glad they’re working on it but will get excited when/if there’s a real cure.

Interesting article hoping it’s at least a small step to discovering what fibro is. Have a hard time getting too excited. Frustrated by articles that keep indicating THEY’VE proved that fibro exists; how many studies do they have to do, and why can’t they get together.

Would also be interested in where the Dutch study was done, in a lab?

Sorry for venting Mike, it is a great find, and will be watching to see where this one goes.

i read that too... but did you notice that they could not do a winter response as so little did the survey... bet they were too sore to spend any precious time on a survey

I do see that there is a link. Would comfort me more if there wasn’t a naysayer making a statement in the article. Very happy that there are teams out there doing research!

That pic was just sent to me from a graduate of last year at his grad party. It was like a wedding - or better! We all were on awe. hugs to you ~ Sandi

Thank you for sharing this. Very interesting and it gives us all hope for increased validity of our disorder.