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Sciatica... OMGOODNESS!


I can deal with a lot of my aches and pains... but the sciatica takes the cake!! I found myself at a breaking point with this pain... Ya know it is the one pain that just keeps giving!!! I have done everything I knew...Heating pad, hot Epsom salt baths, ice, pain pills, nerve pills...NOTHING helped to rid me of that pain...until I took some Ibuprophen!!!! I am not supposed to take that stuff but I was desperate and trying to find something that worked. I finally got some sleep!!!

I sent an e-mail to my MS dr. and got no response so I did what I felt was best. Now I will pay for that choice... I am waiting for the symptoms of an ulcer to begin... maybe I will get lucky and it will pass me by this time.

Huggs Y'all, Belinda


I have sciatica too and it SUCKS.I am so sorry you have it and you are in so much pain. huggs


Hi, Belinda. So sorry to hear of the sciatica pain. I have it as well though I’ve managed to get mine under control with core strengthening exercises that support the back. They were prescribed by my DPT. You may want to look into this if you haven’t yet. Hope you find adequate relief soon.




Hi Belinda. I've had sciatica in my hip and when I dragged myself to the doctor's office I'm sure people thought I'd been in a terrible accident because I looked and felt like a wreck. Rest and p.t. didn't resolve the pain, and I needed to be active at work, so I get a cortisone injection and it was like magic. It's not a cure, and after five months or so I started getting pain again. I learned though that I only get it if I do a lot of walking on pavement or on a treadmill. You may be able to find what triggers yours. Best wishes.