Scheduled in for Surgery!

So i've been on a waiting list for knee surgery for almost two years (i'm on public health over here in Australia). Yesterday, I got a call asking if I could come in next tuesday. Apparently someone else had cancelled so my number was up. I'm having whats called a lateral release because some connective tissue is pulling my kneecap off it's track and causing pain and other chaos, so they are going to cut that connective tissue. I also have some little bits of cartilage floating around that they are going to take out.

Anyway, how have others done post surgery? I'm expecting i'll probably go into a flare, any suggestions?

Hey there,

I have not had the op but know people who have, it is an easy, straightforward procedure 99% of the time. Inform your doctors you have fibro, and make sure they understand that your tolerance of pain will be lower and you will need higher levels of painkillers and for longer than someone without fibro.

From my experience of operations in general Yes, the pain does flare after any anaesthetic, but for how long depends on how much you follow instructions like rest. Even if you are bored stupid resting keep doing it for as long as you are told or you WILL flare up again and have a worse time of it.

If you are interested in your procedure you can probably find a video on youtube. I know there is at least a few on there because I have watched them. If you would rather not know then obviously do not look at it.

I wish you all the best. Take care and let us know how it goes. Remember to speak first about pain control xx

Hey Mike, nice to see you back :). Thank you for the reply, i've watched videos on it before as it's been a long time coming. I think i'll need to get a lot of movies and books to prevent getting bored XD but you're right, I think resting and icing it will be best.

You will get specific help from the hospital but the best I can do is give you the general advice PRICE Pain killers, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation... but follow the hospitals advice over all others xx

Dear Emma,

I have no experience with this, but I am so glad you got the call, and are getting this taken care of!

I wish you total success, complete and quick recovery!



Wishing you the best, Emma! Good for you for getting this done. I hope that once the procedure is over and you've healed that you can walk well again. What a great gift that will be!

Hugs and comfort,


It always takes me forever to heal, and the anesthesia makes me hyper.

Hi Emma, two years, good lord, that’s crazy !!! I’m glad you are finally able to go in. I had a surgical procedure 6 months ago, and was worried about the same thing… It worked out good, no problem with increase flare … I hope for you it goes as well !

Hugs & blessings

Wow, 2 years? Good things come to those who wait! Glad you're getting it behind you so you can heal.

Hey :)

I'm happy for you that your knee will finally get treated!

I wish you all the best for the surgery and your recovery! Stock up on books and entertainment thingies to not get bored. *hugs*

The last "surgery" I had was a catether ablation of the heart, after which I went into a rather annoying, massive anxious depression, but it was less the surgery itself, but rather the whole situation I was in.

After getting 4 surgeries on my big toe, I didn't have any fibro-related issues, so I wish you all the best and that you only need to think about healing and nothing else :)

Any surgey is not great but usually much needed. Expect the worse and hopefully the op won’t be to bad

Thank you everyone for replying :) It's really wonderful to have support on this site. I think a big part of it is that i'm nervous. The only time i've ever had any surgery was for an emergency microdiscectomy, during the prep period and waiting for the tests to come back I just kept having panic attacks! So not very good memories XD.

I have never had knee surgery, but I did have 3 procedures done at once in nasal surgery in February.

The hospital asked at what level of pain (0-10) I would ask for pain relievers. I told them 5 because it would mean the fibro is in a windup mode. I also asked for extra help in the anesthesia for nausea. When I woke up, the nurse asked what pain level I was at, and I held up one hand (i.e., 5)

The anti-nausea helped with dizziness and consequent muscle problems maintaining balance - plus it made my stomach more comfortable. From there, I mostly rested and gently changed the bandage.

I didn't have a flare because these two factors were set up in preop. I'm in the US, so I don't know how it works in Australia. You may have some flares if they send you to physical therapy, but tell them you have fibro. Ask if they can lower the intensity of therapy during a flare. Most physical therapists I have gone to have been very happy to work around any flares, so no worries.

Good luck on your surgery! Try to relax!


Susan (Scribelle)

Hey Emma, I'm in Oz also so get where you're coming from with the waiting periods. They suck right? I'm trying to get in to see a rheumy and have been waiting for 8 mnths to find out if I'm even on the waiting list! Who knows how long it'll be!

Good luck with the surgery. As Mike said, with patience and caution you should be ok. Just don't overdo anything. And don't be afraid to ask for help!

There is a very long wait for rheumys :( where are you looking to go? If you travel up to brisbane regularly I can suggest one that doesn't charge much to see privately.

Thank you for the reply, i've been in this hospital before and they were very good about pain meds. You're right in that i'm worried about physical therapy! I'll have to find a new one near by I think.

Yeah I've just asked my GP to make an urgent appt with Louise MaCormack at Greenslopes. After the medicare rebate the cost isn't too bad for the initial consult. It's the tests after that scare me! Have you much experience with this?

I'm not sure what tests they will have you do, but you should be able to get them on the public system. Just make sure to let your rheumy know that you prefer everything possible to be public. I've had all my blood tests and an MRI done, the MRI was more luck because they had an opening at the public hospital and the rheumy gave me the referral.

Thanks Emma, that's some good advice.

Good luck for Tuesday, we'll be thinking of you.