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Rx too / Expensive


My Lyrica cost $230 a month there’s no way I can afford this we have been using money from our retirement fund. I see that a lot of people here use getting a pension , but I was prescribed that years ago for anxiety it didn’t help me then. I had a lot of it left over and tried it for a couple of days it doesn’t help now . What do you guys do does anyone have this problem how do they think people can afford this ? I’m going to write to the makers of Lyrica . I will let you guys know if I get a response. In the meanwhile , does anyone here use medical marijuana?


Check this out: https://www.lyrica.com/co-pay-savings-card


OH – and have you tried gabapentin? it’s a generic that has been around alot longer than lyrica and has had good results with fibro, typical dosing is 300mg 3x a day



I have the manufacturer savings card, (see link above). It does help some. Can be used in addition to insurance.


My doctor prescribed the gabapentin, I refuse to take it because of the side affects ant my celiac.
So after reading all kinds of reviews and articles about CBD, I decided to try it. It’s been 2 weeks, I think it’s working, but I also have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, too many things going on. Medical marijuana will be legalized in June, when it is, I think I will try it. Fibromyalgia is one of the diseases that fall into that medical category. By the way, CBD and the medical marijuana is an out of pocket expense. Not cheap either :cry:


Thank you so much for the info Ginger ! Have a great night and weekend hope you are feeling well

I see my doctor on Tuesday she’s very conservative but very good I hope she can help me out. I was hoping it cost less than Lyrica I can’t see how it could cost anymore :frowning:

Thanks again


Hello Patty - I too am taking Lyrica and I know it is expensive. There is a discount card on the Lyrica Website you can get to reduce the cost of the medication. You pay up front and then submit some paperwork after and are reimbursed. I have been doing this for a while now and just today sent in my most recent request for reimbursement. Google the Lyrica Co-Pay Savings card which brings the cost down to $25 per Rx. Check it out and see if it will help you defray the cost. Let me know if you want any additional information on this. Have a great day! Elaine


Good morning Elaine! I cannot believe it thank you so so much I’m gonna look it up right now what a huge difference that would make in my life I’m so grateful you have no idea we were j how much of a problem this has been for us . I hope I can take to something nice for you I love this forum I hope you’re feeling good today . Your fellow Fibroriend


Yes, I have been using CBD and THC (medical marijuana) products for 2 years with great success. Today I’m using the patch’s which are good for 8-10 hours, one part CBD and one part THC. The creams also work great. For sleep I use one part CBD to 9 parts THC tincture. It takes a while for your body to adjust to THC daily use so start low and work your way up. Now I have very little psychoactive side effects. You can just use the CBD alone with no side effects.

The CBD is by far the best. Finding the best THC ratio takes some time. You can not use to much CBD. THC goes a long way with just a little.



I am having the same issue as I currently have insurance, but soon won’t and my Lyrica costs $865 a month. Here is the website for the makers of Lyrica and they have a program if you qualify. Check it out. I hope it helps.


That is amazing I can’t thank you enough. Even if I don’t qualify that’s the kind of kind power I guess you would say that this group has together . We can help each other solve our problems We aRreally the only one to know what we’re going through. Thank you for showing me that we we can be proactive and can do something