It’s seems most of you see a rumstoligest. I asked my dr to refer me he’s says they dont see people with fibromilgia

Hi Cindi,

That depends entirely on the Rheumatologist, some do, some do not. Few will turn you down, because of the possibility that it may need a further diagnosis. Here is a list of Rheumatologists in Sacremento, you should have a vast choice living in the state capital of CA! But here are a few, when you have a few moments each day, call the office ask if you need a referral, and if they treat fibro. Please do not allow anyone, including a General Practioner keep you from being as well as you can possibly be!

Go for it!


Your GP must be living in the Stone Age. I think that most of us are being treated by a rheumatologist, plus several other doctors. A rheumatologist can run tests to rule out other illnesses that mimic fibro. He can also refer you to other specialists that he may think you need to see. I personally think it's for the better to have a rheumatologist checking over you and your illness to be sure you don't have other things going on too.

I'm sure that SK will have a good perspective on the matter, as she is very pro-rheumatologist.

Please let us know how you make out!

Hi Cindi, It's true Sk is very educated in this area and if she doesn't know it she will find it for you. My GP sent me to my Rheumatologist for these reason. A rheumy is up on the meds for fibro, he is able to write a higher dose of medicine for you, and specializes in so many more areas than our medical doctors. My Dr. sent me to my Rheumy because she had no clue what was wrong with me. So please see a Rheumatologist. Hugs Robin