Right side chest pain

I have had fibro for 10 years now. I have had costochondritis several times in the past. It feels to me like a stabbing pain in the middle of my chest. I was admitted to the hospital and was checked for any heart problems or gall bladder. Everything was good. Now I am having pain in a place I have never felt before and it kind of scares me. It feels like either ribs on my right side or my breast. I am beginning to think it is a rib. When I move my arm or bend over the pain intensifies. I just wanted to know if anyone on here has had similar pain and what they did for it. Thanks!

Yes I have costochondritis and your pain is likely the costochondritis. The pains seem to move around in different areas of chest. I would have it checked out by dr. in case it is more serious. Crazy thing is you can’t know for sure without another exam. Good luck hon. Lessen you’re stress of you’re able. It helps my costo symptoms a bit.

Oh, ouch! Certainly sounds painful. It has to be hard to pick things up when your rib area hurts and it has to be frustrating too.

It sounds like costo but please be checked by your doctor to be safe. If it's costo, unfortunately fibro likes to jump around and keep you guessing about where your pain will be next. I'm on Lyrica and it helps to calm my costo. And Baltimore/baby is right, less stress helps some.

I hope you can get this worked out.



What is working for me are injections. I see my pain specialist 1-2 per month. I receive injections of lidocaine, saline and a mild steroid. My costochondritis was flaring to the point it hurt to breathe.
It took 2 rounds of injections to the cartilage of my ribs before I felt any relief. Since the last round of injections, my costo hasn’t flared. Working with my pain specialist has enabled me to keep my pain at a tolerable level (a good portion of the time). He also put me on Meloxicam. It has helped to keep the inflammation down in my body.
I hope this information helps

Hi Bubbles,

I have it too, it seems to find new places to 'get us'! The last time my Rheumatologist touched me on the lower tips of my ribs, I screamed and nearly jumped off the table! My back hurts so badly, I did not ever realize the pain there was that intense!

I had gall bladder pains and sickness for 20 years before they ran the right test, it was the one that shows 'function'. The gall bladder is supposed to open and close, mine did not move, it was completely dead. I had surgery within 2 days, missed having Easter dinner and an egg hunt for the grand kids that year, and really tried to postpone it but the digestive disorders Doctor set me straight on that in a hurry! That was at least 10 years ago.

Now getting rid of the gall bladder only helped part of the problem, I was still having a problem digesting food, and when that happens, the Costo only gets WORSE! (Who knows, could even be the cause) My Chiropractor suggested 'Spectrazyme', and it helps the Costo more than anything, I also take probiotics everyday!

The older we get, the body produces fewer and fewer digestive enzymes, so you don't need a bad gall bladder to have a problem with it, and I guess you really don't have to necessarily be old either.


As you know, I'm not a Doctor, and I don't sell these, I buy them either online or from my Chiropractor. These are so much better than the pungent herbs from the acupuncturist! He agreed that my inability to completely digest food was a big factor in the Costochondritis. Some people take Ox bile, but the taste of it is repugnant and it just never leaves you.

Hope this is a help to you, and you are able to get some relief!

Sending a hug,


BTW, taking these with hot water or tea is best, but not necessary, but what a life saver!

This sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. But, I am also seriously considering a visit to the doctor. I fell several days ago and am not sure if I hit my rib area or not. That's another good question for discussion. I know many people with fibro have balance problems and sometimes I'm afraid I look like a drunk out in public, but I am having problems with falls. At home, thank goodness. I haven't had one outside of home.