Rheumatologist Refuse to treat Fybromyalgia

I have been to two Rheumatologist (one in Midland, TX, one in Galveston TX). The first Rheumatologist nurse explain to me that the doctor won't treat me and all he does is make a diagnosis. When I went to the new Rheumatologist and I was told the same thing... that would need another doctor to treat me. So I have to wait over a month for the next appointment. My main problem is the first Dr. In Midland filled out paperwork for FMLA stating I was unsuitable for work due Fibromyalgia, severe depression, IBS, Reflux disease, joint stiffness, profound fatigue, joint pain, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness affecting work efficiency. My second Dr, in Galveston put on my patients reports that I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Persistent Insomnia, Depression and Rash. However this doctor would not sign the paperwork required by my company while I'm Medical Leave. Without this form I loose my LTD Insurance along with three years of stock savings. Why will doctors note your symptoms and note them as chronic but are not willing to tell your company? Company is asking me again for the forms and I can't them filled till my next appointment and that is only if the new doctor will fill them out. What employment companies are required to be done isn't followed by the medical profession. Am I the only one with this problem?

Nothing like having chronic fatigue, chronic joint pain, severe body aches, insomnia, fibromyalgia fog, depression and ISB and having to deal with musical doctors.

Mary, I am sorry for what you are going thru. But it is true that mot all Rheumatologists treat Fibro. My PVP diagnosed me and said I needed to see a Rheum. I called several offices with no luck then o e office said that they did mot treat fibro but she faxed me a list of Rheum. That do. I feel very fortunate that I found a good one. Best of luck to you.

BEWARE of that LTD offered by companies! A friend of mine and I both were shafted by it after a few months, being told that we were now fit to work and goodbye. I had no resources to fight it so I lost it, he is fighting it. I'm just telling you this to prepare you in case they try it on you.

I'll bet that some doctors refuse to sign the paperwork because they are afraid of being sued. If I were you, I would call ahead and ask if the doctor will sign paperwork for patients who are unable to work. But tread carefully; doctors HATE being told what to do or even thinking you are thinking of doing so. And some doctors think you are trying to get a free pass for quitting work, so won't sign the paperwork. I had a great doctor who I wanted to go back to -- until he did this to me. So if you can gently inquire to the receptionist about the paperwork, I would.

I'm sorry that I sound like Debby Downer here. I hate what's happening to you, too. Maybe someone on here could give you a doctor referral to your area, if you inquire on this board. Meanwhile, you might want to start looking into the Federal Disability plan as it sounds like you are at the point where the pain is intolerable. My heartfelt sympathy to you. Things will improve and you'll get stuff straightened out. It just takes time and patience, unfortunately.

Good luck and keep us posted!

PS: While it's true that my rheumatologist treats me for fibro, I only see him once a year. All of my meds and problems are addressed by my wonderful primary care doctor. So that may be the route you'll need to go. And it works out well if you find a good primary care doctor.

Ask before you see a new doctor if they fill out insurance forms and be specific. Bring copies of the forms in with you. Ask if you need to pay "out of pocket" for the forms to be filled out. Time is money. Sometimes if you have a lawyer, they'll give you the names of doctors who cooperate with the legal requirements for disability. It's all very tedious and more so with intense pain, fog, limited mobility. Physiatrists treat pain. Rheumatologists give meds. You might want to see both. Best of luck with the insurance.

All of you gave great advice. Good job!

My rheumatotogists doesnt treat fibro she treats my lupus and arthritis. She does work with my primary doctor. I would get a copy of my records from that doctor and take them to my primary doctor MY primary doctor filled out my long term disability papers and sent a copy of my rhuemy records in with the paper work to the company