Research Oct 2021: myofascial, lymph drainage & more

On a whim I looked for “newest research for us” - published Oct 21:

  • "Myofascial therapy and lymph drainage … may be effective…"
  • “Self-help groups and regionally available networks represent important support possibilities… Strengthening the self-initiative of patients and promoting the work of self-help groups can help those affected to develop individual coping strategies.”
  • “supervised aerobic and resistance-training programs reduce the pain intensity and significantly improve the quality of life and the physical and psychological functioning”.

I’ve actually thought lymph drainage might help, and it did when an osteopath did it on me once or twice, but not reliably, I also tried youtube tutorials for DIY lymph drainage, which didn’t help that much. Maybe I should try again, but I think that was when my legs felt heavy and I could hardly walk, not relevant any more (altho walking is a big challenge for me compared to other fibromites).

Myofascial and lymph drainage both are good…you can feel worse the first day…but better after that

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You feel worse first because it releases toxins

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