Relaxed after my break

Well I am back in Scotland (although not home until Monday) and feeling very relaxed from my break. The journey up last night was very warm, long and tiring... When I arrived I felt like passing out from the dizziness. Still, this morning I am a little better. My back is agony though... I want to rip the spine out.

So glad to be back because that means the travelling part of the trip is over but also miss my puppies in England. Hope everyone on here is doing well. I missed you all.

Mike xx

PS: Some photos of the labs for you all


Mike, you take such excellent pictures.

I've missed the pictures you started uploading weekly. If you have any more please share them with us.

So, you are in Scotland now. But your dogs are in England so are you on holiday?

You can be sure that your dogs will miss you as much as you miss them. I believe that you had a room mate in England so perhaps he is taking care of your dogs til you get back.

My dad lives in England with the black labradors, I have the yellow one in Scotland with me. We are at my parent in law's house for a few days before going home. I will put some photos up in a minute maybe... trying to think which ones to put up xx