Referral for SSDI other then Allsup

I contacted Allsup and was turned down because I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 2 years ago. They are concerned I will add them to my bankruptcy because it has not been discharged. Doesn't make sence to me as I was told I could not add any other creditors once my papers were filed. Anyway does anyone know of another repritable disability law firm I could contact? Thank you so much.

WOW! No replies to this one... DO NOT go with some company over the internet. Find someone local you can talk to face to face.

From the start I was told that I would needed a legal firm behind me. They let me know how things worked at Social Security and gave me all the links to follow the process.

The wife and I filled out all the SSI paperwork online, did an interview with Social Security and just over 2 months later I had electronic deposits in my bank account.

What I want to point out is this... SSI sent my Lawyer his check for his services at the same time they sent me my check. There was no you better pay me after you get your check routine. I had nothing to worry about. SSI did it all for me and took care of my lawyer too.

There are a LOT of SCAM sites out there ready to take advantage of you. Find someone that has an office you can drive to. Someone local who handles this type of Law.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. I was a bit suprised no one else had any info available. Infact, I'm still a bit confused as to why Allsup would not take me based on exactly what you stated. I would not even have a choice. Once approved they get paid. They claim to not be owed anything if I'm not approved. This has left me very confused to be honest. Well, thank you again.

Hi Karlyn,

I'm sorry that this happened to you. Unfortunately, they are who I used, so I don't know of another lawfirm to represent you but perhaps someone else on here who's from your area might have an idea? Or you could look up SSDI lawyers in your phone book, then look online to see how they are rated. I myself loathed the idea of going in person, due to the pain and inconvenience, so that's why I went with Allsup.