Red Light Therapy!

Well my fellow Fibro Folks,

I have been getting Red Light Therapy at my local tan salon now for several years. I know there is a ton of articles on what it possibly can do to heal the body and help with pain. I have found that if I have a flair up I turn to light therapy rather than drugs. I wish Medicare would pay for it but they don’t, but for me I’m willing to dish out the money because it has really helped me.

I know we all have to figure out so many things from type of bed we sleep on, our pillow, clothes and types of therapies to try.

I just want to tell all of you to Not Give Up! I’ve been dealing with this for for about 12 years now and I’m always trying new herbs and things.

At the start I was so strung out on drugs I literally could not function and after working with a life coach and nutritionist I looked to getting off the drugs and search for what might work for me.

Thankfully I now only take Trazadone at night for restless leg syndrome.

Wishing all of you the best and never stop searching.


Thank you Fearski! That sounds interesting. So glad it is helping you. Although I don’t know you that well yet, I can tell how much you care about us. I also admire your determination. Keep up the good work!

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Hi Fearski! This is a very interesting therapy. I have never heard of it before, after looking it up I am intrigued. I am impressed by your persistence to try different things even when it gets tough. Thanks for the inspiration to keep finding what works best.

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Yes I do admire everyone in this fine group. I wish I had more time to share in this group. I have met so many friends and shared so much it’s very heartwarming to chat with others with the same condition.

You are most welcome, I say out to all of you never give up trying things. I have heard of several bizarre treatments people have tried but if it works I say do it. One gentleman in the Tropics said he collected seaweed and brought it home and put in a warm tub and he said for him it worked. He said the seaweed pulls out the pain, I said go for it !

Yep, light therapy isn’t just for any old pain, quite some people have found it helps specifically with fibro-pain. Now you’ve mentioned red light, and a GABA-expert I’m reading at the moment recommended full spectrum light, I’ve realized my acupressurist often uses green light. Interesting then to read the link below about green light… She has small thin “torches” which she places symmetrically on my body, so it doesn’t work via the eyes, it works via my skin. I can’t discern whether it’s that that helps, I just know she does. :star_struck:

Awesome article and thanks so much for sharing.
It’s great to hear about new possibilities for helping with pain.